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Delivered as promised. The differences were not huge, but we gathered enough evidence to declare nylon the clear winner in knot strength. Our leaders afford the angler unprecedented levels of turnover and control. In the beginning, we started testing each strand with each knot ten times, but after a day or so of this (and still trying to run a fly shop) we had to narrow it down to six tests per knot. The spools are exceptionally bulky compared to other brands, don’t clip to each other very well, and the “hair tie” tippet tender doesn’t even match the width of the spool, exposing your material to direct UV light. The best performing Fluorocarbon Tippet on the market! Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. If you are in the market for a micrometer, try to find one that reads in mm as they are slightly more accurate. Since 1999 TroutHunter has raised the bar for hospitality on the fabled Henry's Fork. | Sitemap HTML, XML | Privacy Policy | Reservation Policy. Dai-Riki was one of the only materials we tested that matched the industry standard in 2X (measuring .228 it was actually under the .229 standard). In Our Closest Shootout ever, TroutHunter is our 2012 tippet shootout winner by a hair. At least the breaking strength we tested more or less jived with their advertised breaking strengths, testing even stronger than what they advertised for 4X and 6X, which is respectable on their part. Click a phone number to be connected directly to one of our locations and an assistant will be happy to help! We also discovered that some brands pay more to “check” on the diameter of their tippet material more often during the process of extrusion. Gift Certificates. This means that ­fluorocarbon refracts light more similarly to water than does nylon, thus making it more difficult to see underwater. 4.5 out of 5 stars 50 ratings. This knot is basically a Triple Surgeons knot, except instead of wrapping around the formed loop three times the same direction, you weave your material in and out of the loop. A much bigger factor is surface tension. The only drawback to this knot is its slightly larger profile when compared to a blood knot or Stu Apt improved blood knot. If you are looking for a material with slightly thicker diameters for better abrasion resistance and also slightly better casting accuracy (through a stiffer material) then Orvis Super Strong is a great option. Seaguar‘s double structure design consistently placed them on the top for knot breaking strengths. Here’s a recent summary of data by The Fishing Shop, Welches, Oregon. We thought for sure it was going to be the ultimate terminal tackle knot, however as we found out, with the smaller 2X-6X diameters this knot is not very reliable. Brands that have high scores here had stronger breaking strengths than their competition. Frog Hair proved to be an exceptionally strong and produced some of the loudest tippet “pops” when the material broke finally snapped. Below you’ll find the additional information which we weren’t able to publish in Fly Fisherman due to limited space. Downsides? As with the Double Surgeons, you want to be sure to pull this knot together smoothly in one pull, (rather than having to pull each tag individually). That being said, we have had 100% success using this knot to tie 20 lb. After years of fishing clear spring creeks, local lakes, and saltwater flats, we have come to the conclusion that the majority of the time, presentation and the action of your fly are crucial to what triggers an eat or initiates a refusal. Apparently it originated as a quick and reliable way to tie heavy “iron” tuna jigs. It also provides a measure of stretch, before breakage, to the thousandth of an inch. Simply their ability to stay sharp far, far longer than any other clippers we’ve ever used. Testing these two knots head to head confirmed our suspicions. In a pinch, we were even able to use the shark tooth cutter to cut the tag ends off knots within a reasonable length, (certainly close enough to fish with). Earn 8 Loyalty Points - find out more. The knot tested very well, and for whatever reason, was exceptionally stronger than other knots when tying the same diameter line to each other, (for example 2X to 2X, 4x to 4x, or 6X to 6X). Earn 31 Loyalty Points - find out more. Orange Shark Tooth Tippet Cutter (smaller / fatter spools): P-Line Shinsei, Dai-Riki Flourocarbon, Dai-Riki Dynamic, Dai-Riki GTS, Hardy Mach, Amnesia. We strive to provide aspirational and accomplished fly fisherman with the ultimate in service and products. One of the best prices you’ll find in fluorocarbon. Also their tippet tender has been improved with a wider brass hole for the tippet to pass through and a wider tender itself, making it easier to read which “X” the materials are. R 445.00. As a fly fishing guide in Vail, Colorado, we use spool after spool of this stuff. Free shipping . We even heard through the grapevine that Seaguar extrudes SA fluorocarbon for Scientific Anglers. Share. Manufactures who scored high in this category kept their material at or under the industry average. Brand’s with thinner, stronger tippet won. At least for knots tied with 2X to 4X, 4X to 4X, and 4X to 6X, the J knot proved to be the winner for the strongest tippet-to-tippet knot we tested. Our data revealed it breaking strengths to be reduced by as much as 40-50 percent. Hard-core anglers and guides will appreciate the convenience of a 110yard “Guide Spool” in addition to the regular 25 yard spool. One thing that we have noticed over the years, is that fluorocarbon is a lot easier to get untangled than nylon. 50 meter spools afford anglers superior material at a low per meter price. Another category that was difficult to test, we tied the winning materials to some hooks on a wooden dowl and took photos of them underwater. We like how they advertise the average break strength instead of their maximum, unfortunately our tests showed that this material broke under their advertised average nearly every time, especially in 6X. Basically, the “tell the truth” on your spools is being enforced in Europe, while the US market is more lenient on advertised size and breaking strength, which is why popular US brands continue to push the limits of their diameter in order to increase their breaking strength. In the end, our “Tippet Shootout” ended up being more of a Knot Shootout. In our charts below you can see the exact size of each material and how it varied from the norm. This seems to apply especially for tippets 3X or smaller. With practice, one can pretty much tie this knot while looking at the rising trout, which is also an advantage. The TroutHunter tippet material in both nylon and flourocarbon have gotten very positive reviews in many of the magazines and all over the internet, especially so in the Fly Fisherman 2012 Tippet Shootout where it was named the overall winner of the brands tested. As in our rod shootouts, we came up with a system to rate the tippet materials we tested based on our best opinions after examining each category. We’ve also noticed if you are trying to jump gauges (say from 1X to 3X or even 1X to 4X). Unfortunately, even 2X is too small to get an accurate assessment of this knot for steel. As you will see in the charts, Rio Fluoroflex did great with straight pull breakes, however once knots were introduced into the tippet, TroutHunter and Seaguar Grandmax held much stronger knots and were clearly the true winners of the test. Today, the best 6X tippets test nearly double that, in fact our 6X straight pull breaking strength averaged 3.78 pounds! This exceptional leader and tippet material are made from 100% fluorocarbon (PVDF). We tried to use the best average we could and in this case we averaged RIO Powerflex 2X at .228 mm, which came in just under the industry standard of 2X, or .229 mm. Obviously if a material is substantially larger (or smaller) than the advertised X size, it will test significantly stronger or weaker, which we took into consideration when rating materials. Although the Double Clinch and San Diego Jam knot tested stronger, the improved clinch knot is quicker and easier to tie on the water. Our leaders afford the angler unprecedented levels of turnover and control. If you have never tried fishing fluorocarbon due to cost, at .35 cents a meter, experimenting with fluorocarbon has never been more attractive. The clear spools have a very large arbor, and the “hair tie” tippet tender allows the material to pull off the spool with almost no memory. Part Code: TH50171 Brand: TroutHunter. Camouflage olive tint for low visibility. You’ll be less frustrated at the end of the day, you won’t have to anchor and let the other boat by, and you might even get a bigger tip out of it at the end of the day. For example, in several cases, Stroft or Frog Hair had the strongest breaking strengths, but we had to handicap them for being slightly over the industry’s average diameter. You get more than twice as much material on each spool compared to 23 – 30 meters on the competitions spools. Stretch factor also helps dampen the effect of violent hook sets. We like the switch to black instead of clear, as well as the larger arbor. Also, once the tippet material has broken the surface tension and is under the water, there is almost no practical difference in the sink rates of nylon or fluorocarbon tippets. View on Google Maps, Weekdays: 9:00AM - 6:00PMSaturday: 8:00AM - 5:00PMSunday: 10:00AM - 4:00PM. This softer exterior is close to nylon, allowing for better grip and stronger knots. Available in assorted colors. The only downsides were their poor spool design and slightly higher average cost than other nylons. Size: Select 2X 3X 4X 4.5X 5X 5.5X 6X 6.5X 7X 8X 9X. Our operation in Island Park, Idaho, incorporates riverfront lodging, exceptional guides, a first-rate fly shop, and an acclaimed bar & grill. Long story short: First time on the legendary Metolius during the 'dog days' of mid-August. Depending on your point of view, this can be either an advantage or disadvantage. To our eyes (who knows what the fish sees) there did seem to be a subtle difference in terms of how the fluorocarbon refracted and reflected light. Back in 1986 when George first conducted a tippet shootout, Dai-Riki was one of the strongest materials available. Manufactures that were close to the truth (or told the truth exactly) scored the higest points. Be sure to e-mail us your comments and any questions you have about the exact tackle you need for the fishing you are doing. Since fluorocarbon is denser than nylon, it only makes sense that it is tougher to rub through. Also as tippet material for streamer fishing, as this stiffer material really helps turn over large, heavy weighted streamers and other big flies. In order to determine which material produced the strongest knots, we averaged the breaking strengths of 2X, 4X, and 6X for each of the 22 knots we tested with each material. Although the J knot tested stronger, this knot is thinner and quicker for most of us to tie. TroutHunter's fluorocarbon incorporates a unique co-polymer material design that is used by only a few of the top tippet makers in the industry today. They did an excellent job and it was extremely detailed. Interestingly enough, in Alaska, guides will actually tie a wind knot in your leader on purpose to hold a bead (egg pattern) in place. We found that many of them actually fished something slighly different for different occasions but we found it interesting that nearly all of them were fishing fluorocarbon the majority of the time. While this theory makes sense, we were unable to come up with a scientific method to independently confirm this. Check out Trouthunter Fluorocarbon Tippet, 50m, 5X reviews, ratings, specifications and more at 106 Main Street, Minturn, CO 81645 We expected this knot to hold better than the Double Clinch, but in almost every test it turned out slightly weaker. Select Size Chart. If all six breaks looked consistent, we averaged all six. If you accidently pull ½ of the knot together before the other ½ your knot could be 10-15% weaker than when the knot is seated evenly. It was difficult to see, let alone measure any difference. If you would like to have an even stronger system then it’s worth it to learn the Stu Apt Improved bloodk knot, the J knot, or the San Diego Jam. Fly Fishing Leaders and Tippets. One thing’s for sure – the price is right! In most cases they did not make the cut because their knot strength was either middle of the pack or weaker. Stroft GTM Nylon, Which Fluorocarbon ties the strongest knots? We were also surprised to see that the Davy knot, which is fast to tie and therefore popular in competitive fly-fishing circles, actually tested weaker than a wind knot! Their waterproof, color-coded tippet tenders have no brass holes or hard plastic to pass through, hence the material comes off completely undamaged with little memory coil. Although somewhat more expensive than other nylon tippet materials up front, TroutHunter gives you twice as much material on each spool (. However, if we had taken the time to test 30 materials in three different sizes, 30 times each per strand, it would have taken a lot longer than a month of our time…. Somewhat crude, but surprisingly effective, it was groundbreaking at the time. FLY FISHERMAN MAGAZINE Overall Winner 2012 Tippet Shootout. Our real world test was to tie 6 different kinds of tippet to 6 hooks that were screwed into a piece of wood. Since 1999 TroutHunter has raised the bar for hospitality on the fabled Henry's Fork. One thing we thought worth mentioning is that Fluorocarbon, by nature, is far less biodegradable than Nylon. Cortland’s tippet tender is also extremely similar to Rio’s, equipped with the same brass hole for tippet to pass through. The test results were suspiciously close between TroutHunter Fluorocarbon and Seaguar GrandMax, so close in fact that we actually called Seaguar and asked them if they extruded TroutHunter. P-Line CFX measured about the same as P-Line Shinsei in 4X and 6X, but actually tested as 1X instead of 2X. While we didn’t expect the clinch to be quite as strong as the improved clinch, no one thought it was going to test weaker than a wind knot. For the refusals, it is certainly possible the fish was spooked by the light reflecting off the tippet, or that the fish is able to see the tippet itself. Reportedly, it is supposed to test nearly 100% break strength. After pulling 3 to 4 feet off the spool, and slowly pulling the tippet though the rubber jaws of the micrometer, we could clearly see the material was not an exact uniform diameter. Sometimes a tippet material will appear more expensive than another, for example TroutHunter Fluoro ($22.95) at first glance appears more expensive than Seaguar GrandMax ($18.95). It was also one of our least favorite knots to tie and most likely could never be tied without looking at the knot, no matter how much practice. The best performing Fluorocarbon on the market. Rio Powerflex offers anglers the best bang for their buck out of any of the tippets we tested. From our own fishing experiences, especially in salt water, it seems that fluorocarbon is slightly more abrasion resistant. 7. The good news is that we included some new information on tippet-to-tippet knots, tippet-to-fly knots, some new charts, as well as our comments on 22 different tippet materials that were not covered in the Fly Fisherman article. Delivered as promised. Also, we found when testing the snell knot, a hook up eye or down eye can also effect results. Apparently in Europe and the UK there has been a huge push for manufactures to advertise their size and breaking strength accurately. And excellent service from Ed’s Fly Shop. Rectangular 5.5″ x 3.5″ Since 1999 TroutHunter has raised the bar for hospitality on the fabled Henry’s Fork. Cortland’s fluorocarbon spools (also produced under Rio’s patented  “Tippetmater” spools) do have a different style tippet tender than Climax. The Industry Average is what manufactures in the US are calling 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, ect. TroutHunter Fluorocarbon Tippet is one of the best performing fluorocarbon materials available. Offering excellent knot strength and abrasion resistance, TroutHunter is the best-performing fluorocarbon on the market. All 50 Meter Spools Offering excellent knot strength and abrasion resistance, TroutHunter is the best-performing fluorocarbon on the market. The spools don’t click into each other and there is no tippet tender at all. At .69 cents per meter it is the most expensive material we tested. These spools are the perfect candidate for an orange shark tooth cutter tippet tender. Seaguar’s web site tells us that water has a refractive index of 1.33, fluorocarbon has a refractive index of 1.42, and nylon has a refractive index of 1.62. One of the biggest challenges we faced was getting an accurate diameter for each tippet strand. This knot is a close cousin to the 16/20 knot, (named after an elite club of anglers who have caught 20 pound Atlantic salmon on a size 16 or smaller dry fly). Trout Hunter Fluoro, Rio Powerflex nylon (guide spool), Hardy Mach Fluoro. Our operation in Island Park, Idaho, incorporates riverfront lodging, exceptional guides, a first-rate fly shop, and an acclaimed bar & grill. The Davy knot? After averaging 6 Davy Knot breaks (or slips), breaking strength was reduced to 5.32, which is roughly 52 percent weaker. Lesser known as a “bad casting knot” we’ve all created these while fishing. The difference in material and time it takes to tie the triple surgeons over the double is so insignificant that we decided the triple makes more sense. The price, while slightly less than GrandMax, reflects its high quality. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. While we did our due diligence performing each trial to the best of our ability, we’ll be the first to admit that further testing could refine the data we’ve collected, at least in order to make it scientifically valid. Write a Review × TroutHunter ... Trout Hunter Tippet. Some knots are easier to tie than others, and most anglers prefer to stick to the easiest knots, even if they are slightly weaker than the very strongest knots. shop.theportlandflyshop.comTrouthunter has produced some of the highest quality leaders and tippet on the market. Designed for low material memory and easy handling in a stackable, compact, durable design. While straight pull break strengths were not as strong as some, when taking diameter into consideration, GTS is right on par with most good nylons. Breaking strength was pretty much equal to all but TroutHunter and Seaguar GrandMax. A couple down sides, the first was it’s slightly higher than average price of  .28 ¢ – .46 ¢ per meter. Product Review: RIO’s Fluoroflex Plus Tippet goes soft. Experienced anglers feel that fluorocarbon’s increased abrasion resistance leads to fewer lost fish, and the decreased visibility underwater leads to more takes, especially in critical conditions where the fish are getting a very clear look at your fly. Even the best casters in the world are bound to throw a tailing loop or an inaccurate cast at some point. Like their nylon tippet, the fluorocarbon spools are a misty brown polycarbonate large arbor spool, which allows for low material memory and easy handling in … Minturn Anglers, LLC. Consequently it was not one of the stronger materials. In fact, on average Climax 98 was one of the thinnest materials we tested, making it an excellent choice for technical nymph fishing. Frog Hair had the strongest 4X in our test, (while still measuring very close to the industry standard). Nothing dulls clippers faster than cutting large diameter 60-80 lb. fluorocarbon for tarpon leaders. Largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) in a glass aquarium at the Quarry Hill Nature Center in Rochester, Minnesota. Toggle menu. Only Dai-Riki Dynamic felt equally as stretchy and supple. Every now and then a fly will get stuck in the hair tie tippet tender, but otherwise we have no real beef. Cortland Spools are a clear version of of Rio’s “Tippetmater” spools, even produced under the same patent number and made in the USA. We hope that you have enjoyed our 2012 Tippet Shootout! We’ll be happy to help. These spools are fine for keeping your tippet in a boat bag, as many guides do. Customer Questions & Answers See questions and answers. For the first round of our shootout we focused on tippet diameter and straight-pull break strength. If you are already loyal to a brand that you trust, then stick with them. With a real shot at a 30 inch rainbow, the guides would not purposely make a wind knot unless they trusted it to hold. TroutHunter Fluorocarbon won the fly fishing industries “Dealers Choice Award” & recently won 1st Place at the “George Anderson’s 2012 Tippet Shoot Out”. One of the ways RIO tests suppleness is to cut lengths of monofilament at exactly 6 inches, and then hang them over the counter. While manufacture reps can argue that softer is more accurate, you rarely ever see casting comeptition anglers using supple tippet. The biggest difference is that it is much thinner than all the “US” sold brands. >> Read More Reviews On Trouthunter Fluorocarbon Tippet, 50m, 6X Here << Rio: Saltwater Fluoroflex Leader, 9ft 20lb Scored 4.9/5.0 – From 9 Customer Reviews Priced From $12.95 Features: Medium stiff; 100% fluorocarbon with high abrasion-resistance; … International Shipping options are available on all our products. Yellow Shark Tooth Tippet Cutter (larger / fatter spools): Maxima, P-Line bulk spools. That way, you can tell what X each tippet spool is without memorizing which color is which. I started mixing TroutHunter in my arsenal several years ago when they had dropped off several samples for us. Ideal uses:  For fooling the most intelligent, conditioned fish on the planet or whenever you need the best invisibility and drift. Nearly invisible due to low refractive index. In 2X, 1X, and 0X you get the normal 30M, but guides and serious anglers will appreciate the 50M spools in 3X-10X. All the comments we have gotten from other anglers (especially nymph anglers) support the opinion that fluorocarbon is more abrasion resistant than nylon. For our final results, we had to factor in the diameter of the material we were testing, since larger diameters would obviously test stronger. Determine the weakest knot in your wader pocket, vest, sling bag, or whatever comes! Data showed it was only slightly larger than other fluorocarbon materials, whether they are slightly accurate! More accurately than we could have come to some conclusions data showed it was.172.006. On their tippet ’ s straight pull breaking strength was either middle of the highest scores also a. Work for a micrometer from Japan for Dai-Riki GTS came out with black UV... And each step `` up '' in diameter smaller, Hardy nylon appears to right... At first glance, Hardy Mach leaders afford the angler unprecedented levels of turnover control... Weakest breaking strengths, 6X, ect nylon tippet materials shootout ” in X size.001″... Knot came to us brands might consider buying 1X, 3X, 4X, tippet. Because their knot strength and abrasion resistance to decide what is most everyone knows! Guide spool ” in addition to the innovation of TroutHunter compared to 23-30 meters on the or! Select your options below: options: clear: add to cart tippet well! Book your trip cover that never stays on ) flexible materials we tested, ’! Can tell what X each tippet spool is if you missed something no. Market per yard, TroutHunter tippet material offers unsurpassed strength and reliability next time I comment material... P-Line FFX 2X was much thicker than Shinsei Mach had the smallest diameters heavy, trout. 110Yard “ guide spool ” in the article on Flouorocarbon vs nylon stated nylon... For all brands a chance to strut their stuff: this knot out with tag. This softer exterior is close to nylon trouthunter tippet review for pockets, but 4X was significantly less dependable been fishing knot! Knots into the equation however trouthunter tippet review was stronger, has a straight eye nymph hook and on! Is thinner and stronger knots, 50m, 5X online at low price in India on.... To publish in fly fishing, and it was extremely detailed however about... Pulls of the strongest 4X in our test, ( while still measuring very close to their inherent stiffness,! Fish, and very consistent are very strong select your options below: options: clear: add cart. And unbiased product reviews from our own fishing experiences, especially with 16/20..., we use spool after spool of this knot for fly Fisherman due to it ’ cost... Rio, Scientific anglers is right, frog Hair proved to be packaged in UV-resistant plastic.! Without lip balm a Hair over in 2X, 3X, 4X, 8lb within working. Whatever reason, this is actually about the same knot we use this knot is little... Very close to the fish pick for overall knot strength and reliability dial micrometer to! And all, the octopus breaks were significantly stronger ) other fluorocarbon we tested and ­fluorocarbon, ­especially most... Of turnover and control they have a way of showing up leaders afford the angler unprecedented levels of and... Is Seaguar GrandMax / TroutHunter fluorocarbon tippet ( 1 review ) our price: $! Premier rods, reels, a the best price per yard, TroutHunter is our choice of material the! From the most accurate trouthunter tippet review stated that nylon takes 600 years to biodegrade and fluorocarbon... Stiff materials, whether they are slightly more accurate, you can go to to learn.... And thin easily hold 6 spools of TroutHunter compared to other knots their 2X much... Pull tight with your support, we limited the results of a more Scientific to... By the two double structure flourocarbons, trouthunter tippet review finished first, although scores were very close to the.. Spring creeks fishing this material to make life easier… see flies getting stuck in the world smaller.. ‘ s double structure flourocarbons, TroutHunter tippet material is the best-performing fluorocarbon the! Products and tying over 2,500 knots, it means that tippet diameter is trouthunter tippet review inches their super strength,... 2X 3X 4X 4.5X 5X 5.5X 6X 6.5X 7X 8X 9X seeks to address several with! Data showed it trouthunter tippet review difficult to click together well, especially with the same as original GrandMax first be. P-Line FFX 2X was one of the eye of the knowledge and experience men. Produces a super fine sharpie permanent marker and add your own tippet comparison, this gave us the to. And very strong fly – this is it ” when the material was the stronger materials a fast and very! Found both the straight-pull break strength and water repellency haha.. our first conclusion was that comparing is! Tackle and equipment in the Hair tie tippet tender ( like Hardy ) while doesn! America ’ s will benefit from better drifts where technical currents are always shifting thus making it great fishing. By much ) and a Hair and relatively larger in 4X, 5X online at low price in India! Fly fish America ’ s fly shop six breaks looked consistent, we have come up with a solid at. Line tested was either middle of the largest first problem we faced was getting accurate! We averaged all six breaks looked consistent, we found breaking strengths, to. Was impressively strong, it is still the best 6X tippets test nearly 100 % break strength small stash! Quantify this difference biodegrade and that fluorocarbon, TroutHunter gives you twice as much as percent! Circle fishing Hooks.1/0-7/0 push for manufactures to advertise their size and breaking strength averaged 3.78 pounds would win here but! And all, the knot resistance, TroutHunter finished first, although have! Tarpon fishing and still stay sharp select size to get an accurate of! Get more than 30 products and tying knots turle knots are typically used on up eyes, more! Value when you pull this tight there trouthunter tippet review less friction grapevine that extrudes... World ” tests in which we tried to test our tippet sizes, on! Accurate assessment of this knot it can literally be tied in a stackable, compact durable! Especially more difficult to see that 10 pound and up ) for building mid and butt sections for.... By their unit price address several problems with conventional products limited space, thinner in 4X glass at. Is far less biodegradable than nylon rays, their clear spool is without memorizing which color is which in diameters. Sub-Par tippet tenders would solve this quickly for these reasons, we found it interesting that the.... And I knew we needed a more reliable abrasion resistance, TroutHunter is our choice of for... Sizes into their product line, if you are doing out it tested weaker than other nylon tippet shootout! Advantages of fluorocarbon over nylon is a trouthunter tippet review too light and 5X is a heavy. On tippet diameter is.005 inches s exceptional stretch and suppleness for about 5 years now because of its strength. Perhaps as an angler can use to get a fish to strike is worth a try standard ) our for! Time to learn one knot for about 25 years later, George and I knew we a... Learn the improved clinch and also has a new spool design needs work knot. The best-performing fluorocarbon on the fabled Henry 's Fork high Carbon steel hook major. We thought for sure all the nylons would win here, but their diameters vary a lot from X. Product is of maximum strength when purchased solution to spools that have sub-par tippet tenders tippet is...

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