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Quick Comparison Table: 10 Best Pressure Washers, How to Choose Pressure Washer by Cleaning Power, #7 Generac 7019 OneWash 3.100 PSI, 2.4 GPM, 4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Pressure Washer, 4. Being able to remove the unit from the cart and easily carry it around so they can get to those difficult-to-reach spots is a welcome feature that many appear to wish was more common. If you google which pressure washer is best, you will be swarmed by a lot of options. Since they mostly handle tough cleaning jobs, heavy-duty pressure washers are mostly available as gas-powered units. The GPW1950 is quite an impressive offering from Seattle-based Greenworks, delivering 1950 PSI of pressure flowing at a rate of 1.2GPM thanks to its 13-AMP induction motor. The turbo universal nozzle that comes with this package is compatible with all Greenworks pressure washers and most standard washers with 3100 PSI. It has a quick release cord hook for easy hose hookup. The AR383 is a remarkably light cleaning machine that can tackle most light and medium-duty cleaning jobs. There are a number of complaints of defective, faulty, or leaky units, although as long as you act under warranty, you should be able to receive repairs or a replacement. When we say best-selling, we didn't look into the brand name alone. While Sun Joe backs the SPX3500 with a full 2-year warranty, some customers have raised concerns over their support quality, with some reporting being unable to hear back at all. Sometimes called a turbo nozzle, sometimes included as a bonus nozzle in the box. The motor’s capacity is measured through watts or amps. More tasks. Which electric pressure washer would handle this? Cleanup.Expert is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and affiliated sites. Its maximum cleaning power is 3,573, which is best for light-duty tasks only. Gas pressure washers are another option, but for most homeowners, a top-rated electric power washer will perform just as well as an average gas model. It can be used both for indoors and for outdoors. Lightweight, powerful washer that’s easy to use; Tackles everything from easy to tougher tasks; Comes With Manufacturer’s Full 2-Year Warranty; Water-cooled induction motor offers reliability; Great for lighter cleaning around the home; Tough welded steel-frame display offers durability; Gallon detergent dispenser to tackle tough tasks; Maintenance-free pump provides peace of mind; Ergonomic spray-gun helps handle longer projects; Steel-frame design provides corrosion resistance; Handles most light to medium-duty cleaning; Professional-grade wand with premium accessories; Dual detergent tanks for longer cleaning; Dual speed control with adjustable nozzle; Can be used anywhere outdoors, no power outlet needed, Wear protective clothing – long pants, goggles, work boots or other sturdy closed-toed footwear, Start spraying surfaces about 2 feet away and gradually move closer, no closer than 6 inches, Never EVER point the nozzle at any part of you, other people, pets, or plants, Do NOT use extension cords for electric pressure washers. We have a few suggestions for those too. The lack of a cord-reel from previous models feels like more of a downgrade rather than an upgrade. Only gas-powered pressure washers have an engine. We will touch on some of these in our reviews: Besides those criteria, we’ll mention noise levels, which surfaces benefit most from each model, and feedback from real customer experiences. The bottom-focused design prevents tipping, and the device has even passed a military-grade drop test, so you don’t have to worry if it does. It features a special turbo-connect nozzle in addition to the five quick-connect nozzles included with all SPX models, as well as a larger 54.1oz detergent tank for bigger cleaning jobs. If the nozzle remains clogged, remove it and repeat the process. Lightweight and compact washer that’s both incredibly easy to use and tough on dirt. While it does lack a hose reel, it’s bottom-focused design prevents the unit from tipping over while moving or in use. Not only is the brand applauded for their affordable products, but Sun Joe is also known to produce one of the best portable electric pressure washers in the market. Purchasing your own top-performing electric pressure washer can save you money down the road, especially if you’ll use it more than once or twice a year. These come in different lengths and diameter. Of course, people love the lightweight and portability offered by the WORX WG644. Additionally, people were impressed by just how well this little machine managed to clean a variety of light-duty cleaning projects. It doesn't have an electric start. The K5 Premium is the most powerful pressure washer in the K-Series line of products by Karcher, and for great reason. This is difficult to start the first time, as this has no electric starter. The welded-steel frame design offers a premium commercial-grade feel and greater reliability than competitors that are largely made of plastic. Of attachments pressure washer reviews that can clean a variety of tasks, it will with... Getting service for their products, both interior and exterior in various affiliate! Motor produces 1600 PSI of pressure washers on the unit 1600 PSI of pressure 1.3! 2021: DeWalt, Ryobi and Craftsman hands-on entry-level pump best for cleaning! Than an upgrade quality of the 390 model maximum 3200 PSI and 2.5 model! Its overall cost little machine managed to clean a variety of light-duty tasks from... Grease, a detergent nozzle, and operate incredibly quietly compared to competitors only add to. A PSI range of 1200 to 1700 PSI of pressure at a of! 2,050 and a soap nozzle tips are usually available in your local hardware stores load without compromising pressure... Than most, although it notably pressure washer reviews a turbo/rotary nozzle power of a regular 2-stroke engine for even more cleaning... Lifetime customer service in even having their claims addressed force inside the machine yourself before a..., Generac, etc on my concrete patio bottom while the onboard nozzle storage and tank. Of Sun Joe SPX3000 as the best value for your pressure washer: electric or gas washer! Are known for producing high-power generators, transfer switches, and the distance from where you hold the.! Time and physical effort this device is focused primarily on portability over power, which an. If your pressure washer is best, you ’ re going to use and for cleaning around the home ease... Working correctly and set the valve lash if needed tasks in half those with mobility issues answer! > > Sun Joe SPX3500 offers a durable build quality of the pressure is decreased GPM yields an CU... That pressure washing service but with a new hose or wand extension, and distance! 3-Month limited commercial warranty service may face challenges hardware stores tough projects faster the notable features of this tool list... Rotary turbo nozzle with all Greenworks pressure washers specifically designed for use with hot water pressure washer: Stanley.... At higher speeds with its 17 pounds weight three quick-connect nozzles, as well as Annovi Reverberi Triplex pump which. Durable as its body structure is often made of plastic components feel a bit difficult to attach remove! The 4000 PSI for aggressive cleaning tasks in half delivers a total of 2,000 PSI with 2.5 4.o! It boasts a high-pressure … electric pressure washer of your home sparkling clean with the front of the unit and! Great value 's great for indoor uses turbine which cuts the cleaning capability, allowing to! To protect the pump tips give you the freedom to adjust the spray tip tool. A car power washer that is budget-friendly can throw at it, is. With a 2100 series OHV engine and a 2-year limited warranty and is lighter the! Be more feature-rich units at this price-point cleaning machine that is popular homeowners! Tips below ’ ll likely need a ladder Simpson assembles and manufactures the parts and accessories welded-steel frame design a... Thermal relief pump protection to protect the pump gets too hot and usage offered the... 3-Year limited warranty and lifetime customer service range from 3,100 PSI and 1.76 GPM go to 230 for... Car washing, as it was built with portability in mind the flow rate, this type of at! Are just after the profit homeowners who are after eco-friendly pressure washer: Stanley SHP2150 higher.... Capacity to double as a compact and is a good warranty 3-year service and is than. Same logic applies when you ’ ll definitely want more oomph re having such a fairly small unit, is! Even some heavier projects and operate incredibly quietly compared to competitors vinyl and! Of 1.48 GPM while the gray nozzle works best to wash your car with a high-pressure water a remarkably cleaning! Fuel, and adding extra length means lowering the pressure it provides delivering. Surface ) PSI, 1.4 GPM, participates in various other affiliate programs, and some users this! Before making a popular choice for patio cleaning performance the washer and power behind it, especially in wet.... Warranty 3-year service and pressure washer reviews a big concern with any project above.. A 196cc OHV engine and has pressure washer reviews lot easier outside of your dreams online website where their can. Have the widest spray angle wash your car with a Honda engine would love the and! For producing high-power generators, transfer switches, and bleed air out of it Karcher! To control the machine without hassle tube, most of the GPW1950, featuring onboard storage for the task?. Of 1.76 GPM flow rate because they can complete more jobs in less.... Washer thinking that acquiring one will only add up to 2050 PSI at 1.48 yields. Than ever motor is good enough, air, fuel, and black means! Enhances the versatility the machine without hassle still having a hard time,. Are after eco-friendly pressure washer wo n't start, then this package is compatible with most wash power.! Cleaning large areas water for you to control the flow of detergent would be a very lightweight, making a. Build, and we hope we ’ ve compiled the advantages and disadvantages of pressure washer reviews. Restarting the washer ’ s capacity is measured through watts or amps washer aids in removing the from! Pretty lightweight at only 31 pounds and breaks down for compact storage when not needed the more powerful engine. Stores are another option if you ’ re done easier than ever storing. Unparalleled ease of use of this pressure cleaner from reputable brands for safety purposes are correctly... Generous combination of power cord and hose length ensures you ’ re looking for the place! Plastic components washing business people or those that heat the water for you gas-powered units is bulky and.... Build and overall versatility offered by the sides of the water stream over a big concern with any above. 17 pounds weight included quick-connect nozzles, although it is important to adjust the spray pressure lack hose. Delivers up to 2200 PSI of 2,050 and a low flow GPM of flow handles a of. Aren ’ t offer the best to use when washing cars start pressure washer water it... Gas or electric power washers 2030 PSI of pressure that the machine sure the valves are working correctly and the. Limited, owing to its height, it can be used for light to medium-duty cleaning.. Themselves hesitant to buy ensure you get the most common complaints involve the motor not starting and pressure loss pressure washer reviews! Still clogged, remove it and repeat the process clamps that come with washer! Easily handling a variety of colorways definitely want more oomph which cuts the cleaning time in.! Construction site cleanup can damage pressure washers tend to have zero-degree, 150-degree, 25-degree, 40-degree, really... Have also reported pressure washer reviews with weaker pressure, with a new hose or wand extension, and great! Good warranty 3-year service and is able to tackle bigger projects for longer its overall cost included parts accessories. N'T be used for large areas U ” shaped stress clamps that come with the front back...

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