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Greene Correctional FacilityGreene Correctional Facility is a medium-security facility for male inmates that is located in Coxsackie, New York. This page tells you information about everything one might want to know about State Correctional Institution - Greene such as the following: Learn how to locate an inmate. adTagUrl:"" + adUnitId + "&description_url=" + thisPageURLEncoded + "&tfcd=0&npa=0&sz=1280x720&gdfp_req=1&output=vast&unviewed_position_start=1&env=vp&impl=s&vpos=preroll&correlator=" + timestampTime Tammy Sawchuk is the Executive Vice President for NYSCOPBA, and she says they have been notified that the entire north side of the complex is in lockdown. I’m still not feeling 100 percent. trackingId : "UA-17460883-1", That came into my mind. Two days later, they moved 10 people out of my house and the others were locked down because they had the virus. // Generate timestamp for cachebusting Correctional facilities face enormous challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic. targetURL:"/", I don't really think I can convey to you how scary that is. They didn’t test me before they released me, so I don’t know if I’m positive or not. targetURL:"/", The State Correctional Institution – Greene (SCI Greene) is a maximum security prison, classified as a Supermax, located in Franklin Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania, near Waynesburg, off Interstate 79 and Pennsylvania Route 21. She can be contacted at or 518-207-4880. I knew I had the virus on Oct. 19 when I lost my sense of smell. I had nothing to read, and I didn't get the mandatory one hour for recreation outside in the fresh air. autoPlayFlag = false; I’m back in the house now, and there are 36 of us who have COVID-19 here in quarantine. }, // end plugins var anvp = {}; var thisPageURLEncoded = encodeURIComponent(window.location.href); About Us | They haven’t given me a follow-up X-ray that was ordered back in March or April. I also know that they can make my stay here very uncomfortable. } Over 100 inmates and 26 employees tested positive for COVID-19 in just two weeks at the Greene Correctional Facility. }, You're elbow to elbow with people. | It is a medium security correctional facility. recom: true, html5: true, var adUnitId="/6585/hbi_tv_alb/wnyt-tv"; I went back to the house and bundled up for a few days, with body aches, chills, headaches, fever, and sweats to try to get this thing out of me. How to visit State Correctional Institution - Greene … "AD_COMPLETED" : "Ad Completed", And now all of these guys are positive. There’s an older guy who, when he fell ill, he just stayed in bed. autoplay: autoPlayFlag, Greene County Administrator Shaun Groden says he is frustrated and disappointed with a lack of communication from the state concerning the virus outbreak. This facility also has guidelines to follow. "AD_STARTED" : "Ad Started", State Correctional Institution - Greene is a prison in the Pennsylvania state prison system. It is also a medical support facility, with 96 beds identified for […] } Facility Address: 169 Progress Drive. Greene Correctional Facility is located in Coxsackie New York. At the beginning of the pandemic when they shut down the prison, nobody was getting sick. The numbers out of Elmira Correctional Facility could be even higher — another 475 coronavirus tests are still pending. anvp.anvatoPlayer4971106.config = { Anybody could mentally break from this because you’re being punished because of your medical condition. Officials with NYSCOPBA reported Thursday 94 … One must literally be near death to get adequate medical treatment. }, They told us only two or three guys were positive, and they removed them from the house. "VIDEO_STARTED" : "Video Started", Greene's primary mission is to provide offender labor for Department of Transportation road squads in Greene, Lenoir, Pitt and Beaufort counties. I had a bottle of bleach because I worked as a laundry porter. Inmate Letters Address: Smart Communications/PADOC. This jail has an average daily population of 1756. "VIDEO_STARTED" : "Video Started", A couple days after I got sick, a lot of the other guys did too. Those in contact with the positive cases have been contact traced and required to quarantine, if … "VIDEO_COMPLETED" : "Video Completed" The current capacity of Greene Correctional Facility is 1,813 inmates. anvp.anvatoPlayer4971093.config = { Offenders who are difficult to manage are housed in a fifteen bed special housing unit or in 200 bed isolation unit called S-Block. I got chills, aches and pains. Plus we’re in disbeliever country, where some of the [COs and medical people] don’t seem to think it’s that serious. Inside this 20-year-old maximum security prison located nearly four hours from Harrisburg, 150 men between the ages of 24 and 74 sit in solitary confinement waiting for … More facilities are on the brink. I don’t have a death sentence.” I mean, they couldn’t find an alternative until this thing gets better, like some type of probationary setup? 40 days before he was scheduled to be released. } I was a little extra with it. I was out on bail at the beginning of the pandemic. }, I also tried to stay away from people, but it’s hard. The number of COVID-19 cases have spiked in recent weeks across New York’s state prisons, including at Greene Correctional Facility in Coxsackie. var autoPlayFlag=false; Greene Correctional Facility was constructed in 1984. | },// end google plugin I was scared because my man Leonard Carter had died from COVID-19 in April, 40 days before he was scheduled to be released from another facility. I tried to lay down and sweat it out, but one day the guys looked at me sweating profusely and said, “Something is wrong with you. sizeFactor:.4 I know that speaking out can have consequences: I was put in the box at Sing Sing earlier this year after I spoke to media about conditions there, and then I was transferred to Greene. googleAnalytics : { Residents we interviewed said that on Oct. 23, about 40 of the 50 men who lived there tested positive. But I’ll take an uncomfortable stay over a premature death any day. Correctional Industries increased production of anti-bacterial soap to ensure all inmates and staff have sufficient supply throughout the institution. They just stayed in bed. The prison agency claims to have complied with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the New York State Department of Health. autoPlayFlag = false; DOCCS says they expect the results for those outstanding tests to be back by Friday. Every department of corrections correctional facility has its own rules on visitation, commissary, and mail. Eric Manners is a welder by trade. Cecil Myers is an aspiring chef and was recently released from Greene Correctional Facility. I reject that protocol. It makes me feel real bad, because I knew something was wrong, and they sent me right back into the same unit. COVID-19 clusters are sweeping across New York’s prison system, raising alarm in certain communities. There’s another one who has cancer, and he’s on a breathing machine. He is incarcerated for drug possession. Created: October 15, 2020 06:26 PM. I'm not healthy. Before connecting with a loved one here, you can find them using a free inmate locator for Greene Correctional Institution . } When I got sick, they put me in the box for five days. Now that I’m out, I’m still a little nervous because there’s a possibility that I might have exposed my family to the coronavirus. Greene Correctional Institution is a minimum security prison located in Maury North Carolina. }, // end plugins Don't have me in here with something wrong with my lungs while I'm in the midst of a COVID epidemic. If you get any sicker, let us know.”. var timestampTime = timestampDate.getTime(); } margin: "1%", var timestampDate = new Date(); The prison is a multi-level security system facility, housing inmates in levels I, III, IV, administrative segregation, and other specialized units. I still have chest issues, I'm still feeling feverish and I can't taste or smell. That was about 60 days from my release date. We’re talking about lives. plugins: { So far, eight people have … url:"/assets/images/Wnytcom_white.png", if (typeof adUnitId === 'undefined') { If I heard somebody cough, I’d spray bleach around. At this time, no visitors or outside contractors or volunteers are allowed in. Offenders work on the Inmate Construction Program and at Chas… Institution. var anvp = {}; WNYA Public File The number of COVID-19 cases have spiked in recent weeks across New York’s state prisons, including at Greene Correctional Facility in Coxsackie. © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); WNYT-TV, LLC Choose a name from the list below to see a more detailed incarceration record for current or historical inmates, or a more detailed correctional supervision record for probationers and parolees who are or have been under correctional supervision in this area. Groden says he thinks the state dropped the ball when it … I stopped going into the smaller of the day rooms because if the coronavirus was in it, there’s no way you could escape from it. Next Section. I was released on October 21. var timestampTime = timestampDate.getTime(); Green Haven Correctional Facility is a maximum security level facility for males. Right before I got out I was scared that if I got the virus they’d make me stay in prison past my release date. In doing this, they found multiple positive cases inside the prison. It is managed by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety and can house approximately 616 inmates, with a 40-bed segregation housing unit. At least 118 inmates at a West Virginia prison have tested positive for the coronavirus after an effort to contain the state's first outbreak inside a correctional facility, officials said Monday. adTagUrl:"" + adUnitId + "&description_url=" + thisPageURLEncoded + "&tfcd=0&npa=0&sz=1280x720&gdfp_req=1&output=vast&unviewed_position_start=1&env=vp&impl=s&vpos=preroll&correlator=" + timestampTime targetURL:"/", skip: {"location": "TL", "margin": "10px", "sizeFactor": 1} Greene Correctional Facility is a state correctional facility in the New York state prison system. if (typeof autoPlayFlag === 'undefined') { It is a medium security facility for adult inmates where the average length of stay is less than one year. We asked for another test, and they refused. But when they reopened, a vocational teacher brought the virus in. Soap is provided free of charge to inmates. events : { Demonstrators were holding another rally outside the Greene Correctional Facility Thursday over a coronavirus outbreak at the prison. Greene Correctional Facility made the decision to do a large-scale testing since the initial outbreak. autoPlayFlag = false; They were asymptomatic. I said, “I’m sweating; my clothes are soaking wet. var anvp = {}; Offenders work on long-term labor contacts with local city, county and state governmental agencies, as well as work release jobs with private businesses. The superintendent said that our family members had brought it in, and they wanted to take the visits away. I’ll even take an extension of stay, as long as it comes with an extension of life. COVID attacks your lungs, and I have a cyst on my left lung. Waynesburg, PA 15370. googleAnalytics : { } That number on Wednesday was lowered to 80 inmates still infected with coronavirus, but county officials say this is already having an impact on the local community. When I got sentenced, I told the judge, “I'm very leery about this situation because I have a three-and-a-half-year sentence. He also has concerns about a lack of testing before inmates are released. } The general population at Greene Correctional Facility are housed in open dormitories. FCC Applications | Privacy Policy | CATSKILL - A state prisoner who strangled his cellmate inside their locked cell at the Greene Correctional Facility was arraigned on a murder … Terms of Use | },// end google plugin One guy that got sick early on was in that teacher’s class, so they moved him out the house. I thank God I got out when I did. dfp: { Officials with NYSCOPBA reported Thursday 94 inmates have active infections, as well as 14 prison staff members. Overview Greene Correctional Facility is a medium security level facility for males. if (typeof autoPlayFlag === 'undefined') { logo: { skip: {"location": "TL", "margin": "10px", "sizeFactor": 1} Lisa Armstrong has reported on incarceration for the Intercept, HuffPost, the New Yorker online and Rolling Stone. var anvatoExcludePreroll=0; dfp: { Visitation and volunteer activities at all VADOC facilities are cancelled until further notice. Nonprofit journalism about criminal justice, A nonprofit news organization covering the U.S. criminal justice system. That means we can’t leave the dorm. }; Copyright 2020 - WNYT-TV, LLC A Hubbard Broadcasting Company, WNYT Public File Three men from D-1, Jermaine Archer, Cecil Myers and Eric Manners, shared their stories. html5: true, Jacquie Slater I was in prison for 10 years and there are a lot of things that I don't know, like figuring out this cell phone or even getting around where I live now.

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