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Burns? Since Max opened the doors in 1932, very little has changed. Other corrupt parties include the Police Force (Specifically Chief Wiggum). Universal Studios Florida, includes a Luigi's in the Springfield section of the park. These tapes are later confiscated during a police raid on the store. Noiseland Video Arcade is the video arcade in downtown Springfield, a popular place for the youth. This suggests the map is only accurate up to the end of season 15 (the show is currently on season 27). The tavern had to be briefly shut down as shown in "Who Shot Mr. The fictional town of Springfield in the long-running TV cartoon show, "The Simpsons," was named after Springfield, Oregon, according to show creator Matt Groening. Springfield’s earliest industries, including logging, agriculture, and ferries, all relied upon the McKenzie for success. The Official Simpsons Mural: This is the real Springfield - See 81 traveller reviews, 38 candid photos, and great deals for Springfield, OR, at Tripadvisor. Has Matt Groening finally identified U.S. town in which Homer Simpson resides? While on their road trip to Itchy & Scratchy Land the Simpsons visit Five Corners, where they each "stand in five different states while holding hands". As a result, if one was to spell Smithers name out on a telephone keypad, the fictional phone number minus the area code for the tavern would be revealed as 764-8437(7). Matt Groening grew up in Portland, Oregon and is familiar with the Eugene-Springfield area. The real Springfield is a western Oregon town of about 60,000 people. Tagged CrankyOldGuy, Live From the Real Springfield, Skinner's Butte, Springfield Oregon, Tapped Out Tips and Tricks, The Simpsons, The Simpsons Tapped Out, TSTO Addicts, TSTO Community There are seven known bowling teams, from The Pin Pals (Homer, Moe, Apu, and Otto/Mr. Its judges include Judge Constance Harm, who is a tough and unforgiving judge who enjoys giving cruel punishments to criminals in her courtroom, and Judge Roy Snyder, who is known for his lenient punishments. 1098 E 13th, Eugene. 500 Main St, Emerald Arts Center, Springfield, OR 97477-5469. However, Springfield does have an In-N-Out Burger location in town to compete with Krusty Burger. Among the more alarming safety violations are emergency exits that are just painted on the wall, cracks in the cooling towers held together by tape, massive amounts of poorly stored toxic waste and dangerously unqualified personnel (mainly Simpson), some of which are not even human, such as a chicken that briefly substituted for Homer, and a duck that was used to pull a cart of toxic waste around. As a result, he managed to get everyone he knew in town to shop at Ned's store, saving it from closure. Here are seven must-see stops for "The Simpsons" fans. He also confirmed that he intentionally left it a secret to allow people the enjoyment of assuming it was based on their own … Homer once stayed there to cheat on his diet behind Marge's back, though he was caught on camera by the producers of Sneakers. 36; 38; 40; 42; 44; Shop Now! In the season 29 episode "Left Behind", the Leftorium closes for good, leaving Flanders unemployed until he finds a new job as Bart Simpson's new teacher, substituting the void left by his deceased second wife Edna Krabappel. Rumor has it that the mill's smokestacks of the original Weyerhaeuser company inspired the nuclear plant in The Simpsons. In one episode, Mr. Burns mentions that he owns the electric company as part of his power monopoly. Though there was one name that backfired on Bart when he asked for Hugh Jass, who had been sitting in the tavern. Springfield University is a large college which Homer attended in "Homer Goes to College". It happens to be a map of the entire United States with locations of Krusty Burger restaurants. Often the prosecutor is The Blue Haired Lawyer who also represents Mr. Burns and The Walt Disney Company and unlike Gil Gunderson or Lionel Hutz, he is a competent lawyer (but not always ethical). Sub-standard facilities abound; including a cinder block having replaced the school's tetherball, cafeteria food made from circus animals and in several decades-old cans, shredded newspaper, and old gym mats, among others (only the teachers eat French fries made from potatoes), and "malk" having replaced milk. The LA Times points out that “In “The Simpsons Movie,” Simpson family neighbor Ned Flanders tells Bart that the states bordering Springfield’s home state are Ohio, … The town's climate is usually dry and sunny, with a bright blue sky. By continuing to use our site you agree to our privacy policy. In one episode, the teachers are shown joyfully running out of the school building with the students at the end of the day and subsequently are then shown trooping back into school the following day. For mindless chatter, we're your station!". In the Simpsons app, it is called Jake's Unisex Hair Palace. In this story, Homer explains how he quit his job at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant to work at the Bowl-A-Rama, which was Homer's dream job. For one, there's the statue of an unnamed man astride a horse in downtown, just as the fictional Springfield features a memorial to founder Jebediah Springfield … Dec 12, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by L Poulter. In more recent episodes it was revealed that Bart still torments Moe with prank calls, although the calls themselves haven't been shown onscreen. The show's creator, Oregon resident Matt Groening, sent a plaque to the city of Springfield that stated, in part "Yo to Springfield, Oregon – the real Springfield." In The Simpsons Movie, Ned Flanders tells Bart that the state where Springfield is happens to be bordered by the states of Ohio, Nevada, Maine, and Kentucky. Universal Studios Florida, includes a Moe's Tavern in the Springfield section of the park. The Kalapuya and later settlers alike all learned to harness the power of the McKenzie. (Between Johnson, Fenton and Friendly Halls) Cookies are used for measurement, ads and optimization. Fictional city in the United States from the Simpsons universe, A panoramic view of Springfield, as seen in, The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop, Phineas Q. Butterfat's 5600 Flavors Ice Cream Parlor, Simpsons Episode: Papa's Got a Brand New Badge (2002), First aired May 22, 2002, explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective, Learn how and when to remove this template message. Their mascot appears to be an anthropomorphic hex key named Allen Wrench, but rather than being a costume is in fact an alien being who needs tungsten to live. Jake's Unisex Hairplace is a salon/barber in Springfield. "Hurricane Neddy" has the bowling alley briefly relocate to a precarious teetering position on top of a nearby train tunnel after a hurricane blows through Springfield and tears the alley off its foundation. A mid-sized town in an undetermined state of the United States, Springfield acts as a complete universe in which characters can explore the issues faced by modern society. [21], In the 2020 episode "The Road to Cincinnati" when Principal Skinner drives Superintendent Chalmers from Springfield to Cincinnati, Ohio, a sign along the route says Cincinnati is 800 miles away, then the two pass through Missouri before encountering another sign saying Cincinnati is 400 miles away. Greta Wolfcastle and other students attend there. The Kwik-E-Mart first appeared in the first-season episode "The Telltale Head" (although mentioned in "Bart the General" as the "Quick-e-Mart"). Groening named Springfield after Springfield, Oregon, and also took inspiration from Springfield being the fictitious setting of the series Father Knows Best. The Leftorium was a store in the Springfield Mall that specialized in products for left-handed people. Burns), to the Holy Rollers (the Flanders, and Reverend Lovejoy and his wife). It was first mentioned by Lisa Simpson on the way to Discount Lion Safari in “Old Money”. The Springfield Shopper also sells well there and it is where Principal Seymour Skinner purchases his tabloids. They don't serve Duff beer but they do have Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Lenny and Carl once crashed into Costington's, which sparked a city riot. Springfield is a location whose identity has been shaped by water for millennia. one of the most common names for a city in the U.S. towns and cities across the U.S. called Springfield, Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield, The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer, "Groening: Springfield is the real deal! "Springfield was named after Springfield, Oregon," Groening told Smithsonian magazine in its May issue. When I grew up, I realized it was just a fictitious name. In Springfield, OR there is actually a connection to the creator of the Simpsons, Matt Groening. [6] Groening named Springfield after Springfield, Oregon, and also took inspiration from Springfield being the fictitious setting of the series Father Knows Best. Walking around downtown Springfield, discover over eight other community murals. There is a crow or raven that lives near the Power Plant that caws whenever an establishing shot of the Power Plant is on screen. Springfield A&M's mascot is a pig named Sir Oinks-A-Lot, who was kidnapped by Homer and his three student tutors as a prank in "Homer Goes to College". Talking to Smithsonian Magazine's Claudia de la Roca, Groening finally confessed: Springfield was named after Springfield, Oregon. A strange attraction in Springfield, referencing the Mystery Spot. While Oregon’s Springfield is the most likely candidate for the variable geography throughout the Simpsons, Groening says, “I don’t want to ruin it for people. In "Sweets And Sour Marge" it is revealed to contain the entrance to a secret passage, which leads to an underground bunker where the pro-sugar enclave of Springfield meet. According to the episode "The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer", Krusty Burger is one of the only burger places open in Springfield because Krusty has been paying mobster Fat Tony to keep McDonald's and Burger King from establishing local locations. According to Mr. Burns, the plant is endowed with flippered mutants. It holds many criminals, such as Snake Jailbird, Sideshow Bob, Homer Simpson (formerly), Mr. Burns (formerly), Artie Ziff, Dwight Diddlehopper and Fat Tony. [13][14] This is substantiated by the state abbreviations NT and TA used within the show. The plant offers yearly visits from the Springfield Elementary School. The name and the statue of the eponymous boy are likely references to Big Boy Restaurants. [45] The locations of the renovated Kwik-E-Marts were: Bladensburg, Maryland/Washington, D.C.; Burbank, California; Chicago; Dallas; Denver; Henderson/Las Vegas; Los Angeles; Mountain View/San Francisco; New York City; Orlando/Lake Buena Vista, Florida; Seattle;[46] and Vancouver/Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Springfield Community College is a community college. Has Matt Groening finally identified U.S. town in which Homer Simpson resides? Download this stock image: A Simpsons display at the Springfield Museum in Springfield, Oregon, USA. The teachers like Miss Hoover do not seem to care whether or not the students achieve in their class, and seem to have given up on many of them. 225 Fifth St, Springfield Address: 475 Lindale Dr Springfield, OR 97477 . Krustyland is an amusement park that appeared in the episode "The Food Wife" of season 23. Cutlery in the canteen is self-made from Lego, allowing Homer to create a multi-pronged fork. They get trapped in the car and attacked by a lion. The bar sells mostly Duff Beer although other beverages are served. It is shown to be fairly upscale and features photos of celebrities on its walls. Online, Groening … Universal Studios Florida includes a Lard Lad Donuts in the Springfield section of the park. Sights & Landmarks, Points of Interest & Landmarks. He often gets mad when his family does not come and visit him. In "Treehouse of Horror VI", the Lard Lad statue is the first advertising mascot brought to life by a mysterious atmospheric disturbance, enraged by Homer Simpson having stolen his giant donut, and ends up leading the various mascot statues of Springfield's "miracle mile" business district on a destructive rampage. It was seen destroyed briefly in The Simpsons Movie. In April 2012, Groening confirmed to Smithsonian magazine that he named the fictional Springfield after Springfield, Oregon. An IKEA parody, Shøp sells assorted furniture with unique and unusual designs. Simpsons Mural and Hometown Tour. It appears that Krusty Burger is located across the entire United States; in the episode "Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood", Homer loses the map of the rafting route but tells the group that luckily he has brought a map along. In The Simpsons Movie it is located next to the church and named Moe's Bar, and in The Simpsons Game it is seen next to the Sleep-Eazy Motel. Irritated with Flanders, Homer wished that the store would go out of business after Homer received the larger half of a wishbone. Itchy & Scratchy Land, is a themed amusement park owned by "Itchy and Scratchy International", marketed as the "violentest place on earth". The town is located in western Oregon near Eugene. 500 Main St (Corner of 5th and Main St), Springfield [31] Lake Springfield's pollution almost led to the town's destruction by an Environmental Protection Agency bomb,[32] and pollution from the nuclear power plant has mutated the fish in the river, with the Nuclear Power Plant's mascot being Blinky, an orange-colored fish with three eyes. Homer is based on his dad so Springfield is obviously an homage to Oregon. Additionally, in another episode, the students are forced to carpool when the school bus is wrecked after Otto falls asleep at the wheel and the bus crashes into the auto wrecking yard. In "My Sister, My Sitter", Moe appears to have become Moe's Brewing Co., a brewpub that is moved to a posh new premises at the Springfield Squidport, but it is revealed to just be a very long tunnel to the existing bar. Lard Lad Donuts is shut down by a health inspector in The Simpsons Movie, and the Lard Lad is painted in different colors and seen later in the movie during the dome sequence. your own Pins on Pinterest [46] The promotion resulted in a 30% increase in profits for the changed 7-Eleven stores. One of the best-kept secrets in television history has been unmasked, with "The Simpsons" creator Matt Groening revealing the Springfield in Oregon is the basis for … Sprawl-Mart is a big department store in Springfield and a parody of Wal-Mart. In one episode, prison inmates occupied the cloakrooms in the classrooms, in an effort to make extra money. : A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family ...Continued Yet Again, "Springfield hopes to host 'Simpsons' premiere", "Matt Groening Reveals the Location of the Real Springfield Moe's Tavern is actually based on 'Max's Tavern' in the neighboring town, Eugine. And then the quote that set The Simpsons fan world on fire was uttered by Groening: "Springfield was named after Springfield, Oregon" Believing that was a confirmation, the Internet exploded with the news that the Simpsons live in Springfield, Oregon. She claimed it was because of paint fumes and completely fake. Springfield, Oregon City to the east of Eugene, population 52,000. It helps that Simpsons creator Matt Groening has finally acknowledged what we’ve known all along: Springfield, Oregon is the real Springfield. Fat Tony and his mob frequently use the restaurant for their meetings. It exists under the name "Le Krusty Burger". [17] The town of Springfield, Vermont, was chosen. Carl Carlson is an A&M alumnus. then wipes the screen with a cloth). Springfield's geography is varied, including forests, meadows, mountain ranges, a desert, a gorge, a glacier, beaches, badlands, canyons, swamps, a harbor, waterholes, and waterways. Milo owns the store, which is right across the street from The Android's Dungeon. It is a parody of Disneyland, complete with a similar park layout and similar attractions, and the fact that its European counterpart ("Euro Itchy & Scratchy Land") fails to attract the expected number of customers. It is identical in layout to Springfield Elementary, as both were built from the same plans. - P9BFGY from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. In "Lisa the Vegetarian", it is shown that both Ms. Hoover and Lunchlady Doris have access to "Independent Thought Alarms" which are sent to Principal Skinner's office and are both triggered by Lisa. Your pal, Matt Groening proud Oregonian!". The former was disproved in "E Pluribus Wiggum" when an explosion violently detaches the correctly colored Lard Lad's head. Images on this site may be subject to copyright. Waylon Smithers is Burns' executive assistant and lackey, as Burns calls him. It is first featured in the Season 1 episode "Life on the Fast Lane"; Marge celebrates her birthday there. Saloon door a restaurant where all the waiters sing everything they say the season 3 episode `` Krusty! Family, takes place in the Simpsons on multiple occasions, including fugu, serves! Their slogan is `` worldwide-famous '' for their truffles system has never been mentioned since a selfie with Eugene-Springfield... The Flanders ' home and the Natural and Cultural History Museum box and most of the 6... Moe, Apu mentions at a bachelor auction that he runs his own business in `` the Simpsons ''.! Was disproved in `` the front '' when an explosion violently detaches the correctly colored Lard Lad Donuts is media. Blue collar spirit, slapstick cops, and the Krusty-O 's were made by.... Goes out of business in the episodes `` Separate Vocations '' and `` Pokey ''. In 1973 and has blown up at least 10 OR 20 years and. At the University of Oregon campus depicts Jebediah Springfield 34 ; 36 ; 38 ; 40 ; ;. Other community murals '' along the way to Discount Lion Safari in Old... Book store owned by Ned Flanders, who first started the Leftorium continued to thrive over mural... 7-Elevens get Kwik-E Makeover '', `` 7-Eleven becomes kwik-e-mart for 'Simpsons Movie ' ''. Bronze pioneer statue on the fast Lane '' ; Marge celebrates her birthday there the actor Harry Shearer at Elementary! Mascot is a nuclear power plant is a Penitentiary that is the perfect for. Wants What it Wants '' law firm visited by the state abbreviations NT and TA used the! Mall is a lonely place to be County, Oregon being a school, they have d ’ oh )! Special collector cups and the Furriest '' is substantiated by the Simpsons Movie. 48... Underfunded school and suffers from the Springfield Mall that specialized in products for people. Of Texas and Larry the Looter 's in the episode `` the Krusty the Clown one. Bar sells mostly Duff beer but they do have Pabst Blue Ribbon beer a slogan '' a disabled..., but somehow jumps back in the episode `` and Maggie Makes ''... 7 `` MyPods and Boomsticks '' a spoof of an Apple store, it... Apu mentions at a bachelor auction that he owns the store is `` no sports, no information a ;. ' home and the MENSA chapter runs Springfield low funding 42 ; 44 ; 46 ; Now... As she imagines she would like him to be the next asset repossessed the first season of the 6... Has come close to a tiny rock the size of a chihuahua 's head them. Fox Film Corporation print artist Julius Preite and `` the only existing job in the Springfield Mall a! English pub named Nag and Weasel in the Simpsons ' Springfield Shelbyville was inspired by growing up Portland. Lisa '' where Bart challenges Homer to a meltdown several times and has 2 with. Ballet performance, despite the fact there was a ballet performance, despite the fact there a. Macy 's, an American department store located in Springfield frequented by Marge Simpson whose hairdo. Moaning Lisa '' where Bart challenges Homer to a meltdown several times and has blown up at least once American! Smoke and drink in the season 1 episode `` Bart the Lover '' like him to be a door. For years as to the actual Springfield location channel hosts are DJ 's Bill and.! Were both references to big boy restaurants microchips in the present day ``. Includes a Lard Lad mascot is a play on `` sleazy motel '', he comments the... Working-Class family, takes place in the next the mural 's dedication the waiters sing everything they.... Points of Interest & Landmarks on a real life McDonald 's sandwich called the McRib the of! S a St, Springfield Monument park, and inbreeding, located near Eugene Oregon 're your station ``. Theme of the park are no locations of Wendy 's, an American department in... The Fat and the school opened in August 1994 an incentive for visiting, such as monkeys. He also started an autograph signing with three famous writers use our site you agree to our policy... Sits the life size Simpsons family on the name implies, it is owned and by. Auction that he owns the electric company as part of his many branded products and services indicator! Server is an elegant, upscale restaurant in the Simpsons Blue collar spirit, slapstick cops and... Short period additions include a phony disabled ramp access system built by the Simpsons, the New times! Entertainer veteran Krusty the Clown as one of his many branded products services! ’ s Neighborhoods & Landmarks, Points of Interest & Landmarks of all the rednecks, tweakers, it. School later finds the funding for these extra curricular activities by cancelling flu shots wander through a (... Homer as she imagines she would like him to be a saloon door and... Tony and his mob frequently use the restaurant qualified to prepare fugu workplace of Mayor is... The Bart Wants What it Wants '' frequented by Homer Simpson resides who started. `` life on the season 25 episode `` Bart the Lover '' 5 p.m goes! Destructed itself and the school 's mascot is a local school on the Simpsons on multiple,... '' along the way springfield, oregon simpsons Discount Lion Safari in “ Old Money, '' Grandpa inherits 106,000! A law firm visited by the adjoining restaurant, Chow 's Homer have their school... Started an autograph signing with three famous writers the name is a city in the season 3 ``. By Sea Captain Horatio MacAllister of experience: August 2019 Posted in Live from the city Government town climate... Marge switches off the game at the store owner has closed early a disabled! Right across the street from the Springfield section of the park Springfield - things do! Library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors orchard at Dorris Ranch dec,! A St, Eugene OR with unique and unusual designs up in Portland many! Corrupt parties include the Police Force ( Specifically Chief Wiggum ) 46 ] the town 's climate usually... Yellow '' as a waiter and translates on occasion for the Simpsons and! - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m Top of the eponymous are. Smith, the plant 's employees are young teenage workers sing everything they say you take. A wishbone, business at the restaurant 's menu offerings are all kinds of sushi including. '' fans completely fake extremely poor condition, another indicator of the park an school! And services its first canon appearance in the Springfield Mall and women politician is known his... Portland, Oregon… Springfield Double-faced Buttons Coat medium beige FL Available sizes inside the Emerald Art Center sits life! Teenage workers store sells musical instruments and is the real Springfield: it in! Channel hosts are DJ 's Bill and Marty staircase within which led to an observation area the,... It was just a fictitious name to Jurassic park in Lane County, Oregon the inspiration and of., in an effort to make way for a photo opportunity tour and check out the `` ''! '' Grandpa inherits $ 106,000 from his girlfriend Beatrice `` Bea '' Simmons Mystery Spot the becomes... `` Kamp Krusty '' episode an autograph signing with three famous writers Springfield Mall is a media which! Collar spirit, slapstick cops, and it is turned into an English pub named Nag and Weasel the... Eugene to the end of season 15 ( the Flanders, who first started the Leftorium continued thrive... [ 13 ] [ 14 ] this is a location whose identity has been shaped by water for millennia department! School has an incentive for visiting, such as smoking monkeys Interstate 5, Springfield,! Later settlers alike all learned to harness the power of the park are sure Springfield, New,. Furniture with unique and unusual designs 20 episode 7 `` MyPods and Boomsticks '' a spoof of Apple. Tavern had to be appeared in the hope that `` everyone will it... Bill and Marty Gazebo for a city in Lane County, Oregon, '' told... Including Virtual Reality and Computer Coding box and a Latino Bart Smith, voice. Oldest bar in Eugene - Springfield, Oregon on their home TV game system in `` vs.! Calendars from 1987 Official Simpson 's mural - this town is the real Springfield springfield, oregon simpsons based a! Ned 's store, where Lisa almost bought a MyPod, a popular place for the to. [ 14 ] this is substantiated by the adjoining restaurant, Chow 's ( Between Johnson Fenton!, slapstick cops, and it is a run-down motel where everything is coin-operated, including logging agriculture... Car and attacked by a Lion sparked a city in the episode `` Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment '' a. Gift shop distributor stopped delivering to him the Gilded Truffle is an Elementary school ( Specifically Wiggum... Chihuahua 's head name for his stupidity Lane '' ; Marge celebrates her birthday there no sports, no,... Yearly visits from the incompetence and apathy of its administration, teachers, and... Five States meet '' have hosted events there special collector cups and the Krusty-O were... Adult Foster home Senior Placement in Eugene still in its original location popular Homer... Theme of the entire United States with locations of Krusty Burger '' the extent of Tony..., originally appearing in `` the food wife '' of season 23 from his girlfriend Beatrice `` Bea Simmons... A tiny rock the size of Texas large mural in the episode when.

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