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Assisting the senior pastor to fulfill the vision that God has given to him does not in any way diminish your value for the cause of Christ. Staff Communication 1. The pastoral administrative assistant will be in charge of coordinating the pastor’s schedule and be aware of his general whereabouts. Get a FREE eBook 8 Steps To Create A Captivating Sermon Series. Essential Job Functions Specific duties depend on the needs and size of the church. Learn how to become Church Administrator & Administrative Assistant to the Senior Pastor at Eastminster Presbyterian Church. Administrative Assistant Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Salida, CO Part time 20 hours per week $19… a background check Required to complete training on youth and adult sexual assault and abuse reporting and prevention Job Description Administrative Assistant performs a wide variety of office tasks and duties… Regardless of how old we are, we never stop learning. The key responsibilities and duties in the Associate Pastor's position description include: Support the Senior Pastor in the overall vision casting and leadership of the church’s teaching and weekend service planning, design and execution. a) Administrative assistant to the Pastor, focusing on correspondence and administrative needs of the Pastor. Job Title: Administrative Assistant . Department: All Departments . Responsibilities: The primary role is to provide leadership and guidance in the youth and young adult ministries. Keep the structure and format and just insert your specific duties and requirements. 57,652 Administrative Assistant Pastor jobs available on Larger churches pay more than smaller churches depending on the church budget. Ministry Assistant. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage across the nation for administrative assistants overall is $41,650 yearly as of May 2009. Process outside emails, speaking requests, meeting requests, etc. Keep work space organized. Pastoral administrative assistants help the head pastor of a church become more organized, taking administrative tasks off the pastor’s hands so the pastor can focus more time on visiting the sick, sermon preparation, prayer and other pastoral duties. The pastor will have his or her administrative assistant make copies, build fliers, write business letters, make phone calls and may input church member giving records into a database. Job Description – Church Administrative & Financial Assistant Cunningham United Methodist Church is seeking an Administrative & Financial Assistant to support our church office and staff. Apply to Administrative Assistant, Program Assistant, Senior Pastor and more! The Administrative Assistant is responsible for the administrative support of church staff. The senior minister (or ministers) leads in a process for discerning and clarifying vision, then gives leadership and supervision for implementing that vision through the various ministries of the church. Edit congregational emails and help respond to responses in a timely fashion 2. Are You A LEADER (who has to preach) or A PREACHER (who has to lead)? Recognize the Pastor’s Vision. The Three Buckets: The Key To Reigniting Growth, 4x4x4 Coaching Process: The Key To Helping Staff Lead At The Next Level, How Senior Pastors Can Schedule Their Week For Maximum Impact, Introduction. Emergencies, etc. An assistant pastor helps a senior pastor at a church lead others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. JOB DESCRIPTION . The Pastor Job Description includes pastor responsibilities and duites: Preaching and Teaching: The Pastor will be the primary preacher for worship services. Position Title: Administrative & Financial Assistant Hours: 9 - 12 Monday – Friday (negotiable as needed) Pay Rate: negotiable, hourly employee Overview: Apply to Administrative Assistant, Administrative Specialist, Office Assistant and more! Help manage emails between staff as needed Congregation Communication 1. Developing goals and objectives for … Job Description POSITION TITLE: CHILDREN’S ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT REPORTS TO: CHILDREN’S MINISTRY PASTOR POSITION PURPOSE: The primary focus of … She specializes in writing about religion, technology and solar concepts, and her articles appear on various websites. Use our job search to find church jobs, pastor jobs, and ministry job listings for worship pastor, youth pastor, senior pastor, and more. The administrative assistant may make copies of weekly service bulletins; update the weekly service bulletins with upcoming events, create sign-in sheets for group meetings or fundraising events, forward church correspondence to the appropriate departments and act as point of contact for special guest speakers. The Administrative Assistant will be under the direct supervision of the pastor, and will receive a yearly job review and performance appraisal by the Council’s Executive Committee. JOB DESCRIPTION I. Job Description. Job Description – Church Secretary / Administrative Assistant First Baptist Church of Diamond is seeking an Administrative Assistant for a very active church office, multi-staff setting. 129 Pastoral Administrative Assistant jobs available on This … Administrative Assistant duties and responsibilities include providing administrative support to ensure efficient operation of the Christian Life Church office. Help facilitate timely communication … You must be able to trust your pastor’s vision and acknowledge that it has come from the Lord. Job Opening. U.S. Department of Labor: Administrative Assistants. She holds a Bachelor of Science in information technology from American Intercontinental University. During sermon preparation, if the pastor is having trouble or is running out of time, the administrative assistant will find statistics or other interesting facts from biblical history, geography and more using the Internet or books from the church library. Also keep a hard copy of all information available for the Senior Pastor for Charge Conference purposes. They will seek to use their personal gifts and technical skills for the benefit of the church by contributing to the Pastor's effectiveness and efficiency. Intercept personal walk-in meeting requests and redirect to other staff when appropriate, Serve as the liaison for staff walk-in meeting requests, Guard Brian’s private time for prayer and reflection, Manage communication with friends, mentors, retreats, conferences and other opportunities for personal growth, Keep Brian abreast of any signs of advancement on the part of the opposite sex, or conduct unbecoming on his part, looking to intercept any and all activities which could impugn character, keeping open dialogue with Brian’s wife, his staff, and the Leadership Team at all times, Seek and document staff input for potential leaders Brian should meet, Manage Brian’s Top 100 Community Leader List, Process all book/resource mailing to Leadership Evangelism prospects, Process all MBTI and spiritual gift tests from people, and help create an MBTI and spiritual gift test website, Keep inventory of all commentaries for study, Order new commentaries and books as needed, Copy, edit and process content within certain commentaries for future messages, Secure rare library loan books for upcoming research as needed, Serve as the Administrator of the Teaching Team, Manage Brian’s Advanced Planning Sermon calendar, Serve as liaison between Brian and Arts Team for various feedback requested (images, videos, songs, etc. Understand as the administrative assistant to a pastor, you will be exposed to personal and often time-sensitive information including personal identification information of church members and may be privy to certain private circumstances for those seeking pastoral counseling. This role reports directly to the Executive Pastor. This administrative assistant job description sample can assist you in creating a job advertisement that will help find qualified applicants. Reports To: Department Heads . Part-Time Administrative Assistant Job Description Purpose The purpose of the Administrative Assistant is to support the pastor and the staff on a daily basis with the administrative needs of the church. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your requirements. © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Application. Provides administrative support to Department Heads and staff per the direction of Department Head. Misty S. Bledsoe has been writing since 1995. Bylaws Description of the Ministry Assistant/Secretary: The Ministry Assistant/Secretary is responsible for administering the tasks and functions of the church office in concert with the daily service practices of the ministerial staff. Facilitate good staff communicationby assisting with meeting scheduling 2. Objectives: The Church Administrative Assistant serves under the direct supervision of the Senior Pastor, to manage all activities of the main church office and perform administrative duties related to the church’s operation. In these cases, the administrative assistant will make time to make calls, do Internet research and find the appropriate information the pastor needs. Pastoral administrative assistants may work full-time or part-time depending on the size of the church, the allowable church budget and the individual administrative needs of each pastor. Categories: Business/Administration Denominations: Non-Denominational Church Size: 501 to 750 Job Type: Full-Time Job Description: We are in the process of hiring a full-time Administrative Assistant to the Executive Pastor. The benefits of being a pastor administrative assistant include feelings of personal satisfaction from knowing she is helping to make an indirect difference in the life of others and receiving a paycheck. Job Description for Pastoral Administrative Assistant Relationships: The Pastoral Administrative serves as part of the Operational Development Department, reports directly to the Executive Pastor, and works with other pastors and staff as needed. An administrative assistant helps to ensure that the church runs smoothly, providing support that allows the pastor to attend to other responsibilities. Administrative Assistant. Respond to all phone calls from congregation members and ensure a timely response 3. Process expense repayment, documentation, etc. Note to Local Churches: Feel free to add or subtract from this job description as you feel best suits your individual church’s needs. Administrative Job Descriptions Duties might include office management, communicating with parishioners, managing volunteers, assisting with financial management of the church and organizing events. Summary. ), website(s), speaking engagements, and travel. Job Description Church Administrative Assistant The First Baptist Church of Shallotte, NC Purpose: By participating on the staff Ministry Team at First Baptist Church of Shallotte, the Church Administrative Assistant will assist the Church in fulfilling the Great Commission by serving as the Church’s primary Receptionist and Secretary. Church Administrative Assistant . To do this, a team approach should be developed with all staff members (paid and unpaid) and with all ministry groups and leaders of the church.The senior minister is pastor-leader, preacher, challenger, trainer, teacher, resource, initiator, counselor and guide. ), Manage Brian’s weekly email newsletter (4,500+ subscriber emails), Manage content posting and social media promotion, Help post articles and schedule promotion for each, Interact with staff to provide and edit content for Brian’s weekly email to the congregation, Solicit and document stories, stats, and relevant information for future editions, Manage appointments I do accept – establishment and execution of phone meetings, Manage requests and schedules of pastors and their team visiting CCV, including creation of schedules and contacts during visits, Intercept and manage all outside speaking requests, Manage all travel – flight, hotel, rental, and other reservations. ), Help guide Brian to leaders in the room he has been wanting to meet, Recognize/memorize names of leaders Brian needs to meet, Debrief with Brian after Sunday services for take-away items for the week, Keep CCV’s Executive Pastor and/or security team abreast of any adverse security matter relating to Brian before, during, and after services, Intercept phone calls and redirect to other staff. The Assistant to the Senior Pastor is responsible for supporting the Senior Pastor in the performance of his duties including weekend service planning and design, marketing and communication, as well as management of the Senior Pastor’s calendar, correspondence (voicemail, e-mail, regular mail, etc. She is also responsible for communicating the pastor’s upcoming schedule with the rest of the church staff. Administrative Assistant . The pastoral administrative assistant will be in charge of coordinating the pastor’s schedule and be aware of his general whereabouts. Log in, To find out more about Brian’s coaching click. The Assistant to the Senior Pastor is the primary contact person for the Senior Pastor on all matters requiring his/her attention. Serve as a liaison between the Senior Pastor’s office and community leaders and/or organizations Leadership Team Communication 1. Based on the Word Net lexical database for the English Language. The Assistant Pastor will also be involved in other church ministries such as preaching by filling the pulpit as needed, teaching, counseling, small group ministries, and general support of other church programs. For example, the administrative assistant is in charge of knowing that on Monday, perhaps the pastor will be attending a community pastor luncheon about 60 miles from the church and will be gone from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. During that time, the administrative assistant will have specific instructions for handling visitors who may come to the church seeking financial assistance, where emergency calls are to be directed to or may be instructed to keep in touch to await further instructions via texting. This individual is responsible for providing administrative and ministry related support to the staff of Radiant Church. 11 Ways To Make This Your Most Generous Giving Year Ever, 5 Steps To Writing Excellent Sermons In 8 Hours Or Less, 10 Changes That Will Dramatically Increase Giving In Your Church, How Senior Pastors Can Reduce Email Fatigue, Store and manage hardcopy and electronic documents, including passwords, backups, Manage all hard-copy and online subscriptions, Prepare docs for staff and leadership team meetings, Go-between for all technical support for phone, laptop, printer, and all technology, Prepare expense reports for reimbursement/tax record documentation, Help manage emails between staff as needed, Edit congregational emails and help respond to responses in a timely fashion, Respond to all phone calls from congregation members and ensure a timely response, Serve as a liaison between the Senior Pastor’s office and community leaders and/or organizations, Help facilitate timely communication between Brian and the, Keep the Leadership Team abreast of vital matters when Brian and CCV’s Executive Pastor are unable to do so (ex. From time to time, the pastor may need more information on a particular topic, event or ministry to complete any necessary tasks for upcoming events or networking needs. The Pastor also will provide leadership in planning and executing the Adult Education programs and other programs in discipleship and ministry training, in coordination with other ordained and lay leaders. Below are some ideas to help fulfill the role of an assistant pastor: 1. …This is a part-time position, 30 hours weekly, 9am to 3pm Monday thru Friday, with paid legal holidays… To give witness to … Prepare and manage all support documents as needed. Cable channels, online venues, etc. Whether you’re studying times tables or applying to college, Classroom has the answers. Position Description. Position Title: Administrative Assistant / General Secretary Hours: 8:30 – 4:30 Monday – Thursday Pay Rate: negotiable, hourly employee Overview: Purpose The Pastor's Personal Assistant will serve by aiding the pastor in the carrying out of his leadership and pastoral duties. See disclaimer. Ministry Qualifications: Staff Ministry Qualifications: ), Intercept people who want to give Brian things (books, pictures, letters, etc. Explanation. Position Description for ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT GOAL: To assist the pastor and leadership of the church by performing office and communication support, furthering our mission: “To welcome and serve all who seek a deeper understanding of their faith. Supports the Senior Pastor and staff through a variety of tasks related to … Classroom is the educational resource for people of all ages. For example, the administrative assistant is in charge of knowing that on Monday, perhaps the pastor will be attending a community pastor luncheon about 60 miles from the church and will be gone from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ), Coordinate all outside speakers – topics, schedules, travel, and support day of event, Do weekly online research for specific sermon illustrations as assigned, Copy all illustrative content highlighted in Kindle app into Word files, then add to Brian’s Evernote Illustration file, Manage Brian’s Evernote illustration file by formatting all notes inputted via Chrome Clipper and emails, Manage all subscriptions for illustrative material and input into Brian’s Evernote file, Edit Brian’s sermon manuscripts, with an eye towards consistency of formatting, Scan and edit Brian’s sermons (post-delivery) for future reference and use, Highlight sections of the sermon for slide creation, Pay attention to formatting, font size and selection, and general aesthetic appeal, Proof-read all slides to ensure they are grammatically correct, Print most recent copy of the sermon for run-through and slide check on Sunday morning, Oversee care of Brian’s microphone, ensuring it has new batteries and is in good working order, Coordinate any changes to sermons slides after first service bullpen meeting feedback, Manage post sermon video promotion on Mondays following message, Continually research and manage new ways to use sermon videos to achieve greater Philadelphia region target market penetration (ex. – A More Effective Way To Write Sermons, How To Finish Your Sermons By Noon Monday, Leadership Evangelism: How Your Church Can Double In Three Years (or Less), 5 Scheduling Mistakes Pastors Make That Hurt Productivity (and how to fix them), 3 By-Law Changes Needed To Break 100, 200, 400 and 600. General Job Description. This includes leadership and coordination of the volunteer office support team, document creation and distribution, handling of incoming and outgoing mail, and overall management of the operation of the church office. b) Administrative assistant to Session, staff, ministries, and the HCC church family (see Office Manager responsibilities, below) c) Editing and printing of Sunday Orders of Worship and related documents. ~ GROWING DISCIPLES OF JESUS, IN AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY, FOR KINGDOM MISSION ~ JOB DESCRIPTION – ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT MAIN FUNCTIONS: To provide administrative support for the Lead Pastor & our volunteer teams PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: The Administrative Assistant is primarily responsible for: • General administrative support o Day-to-day needs assigned by the Lead Pastor

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