Spring of Water International Ministries (Hong Kong) Ltd.

is a non-profit organization formed in February 2012 in Hong Kong. Currently our major ministry is the production of Bible study videos, using modern multimedia technologies, geographical illustration, and the filming of historical sites and archeological artifacts to bring the books of the Bible to life. We also produce teacher manuals and student study guides to supplement our Bible study videos as a “multimedia Bible study set”.

Our team hopes to complete the production and publication of the multimedia commentary videos for Books of History in the Old Testament, including Esther, Ruth, Ezra, Nehemiah, Joshua, Judges, 1st & 2nd Samuel, 1st & 2nd Kings, and 1st & 2nd Chronicles. To respond to the needs of the churches in China, if God wills it, we also plan to film Acts, a book of history in the New Testament. The above sequence might be adjusted due to political circumstances in the Middle East and the availability of information and resources.

Our Vision

We hope that all Christians can lead a profound devotional life in this busy world and that these multimedia Bible study videos can help them better understand God’s words and experience the joy and impact of the new life which is like the living waters that flow eternally from His Grace. We believe that in this confusing world, only the living water from Jesus can quench our spiritual thirst. We also hope that through these multimedia Bible study videos, nonbelievers will get to know and understand God’s words and willfully accept God’s salvation through Jesus Christ.