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By donating $15, you can sponsor one Bible study set to be sent to the Muslim World! We believe with your partnership we can send 1000 set each year to help to save these long-lost souls!

Through the push and help of Muslim 1000, SOW is able to send the Bible study sets a to missionaries and mission organizations in the Muslim world and becomes their gospel companion to pray with them and to praise with them.  In fact, we have just sent 200 sets of the English of Bible Study sets of “Book of Ezra” and “Book of Nehemiah” to those Christians who are being persecuted in Pakistan, Nigeria this June.

Nigeria has been labeled as the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian. In 1990, Pastor Ulo started “The Eternal Life Ministry” with his wife and son. In recent emails, Pastor Ulo mentioned that he used SOW Bible study material in Sunday school and brought it to nearby villages as a helpful tool for many local churches. He hopes to get more Bible study material.

In Pakistan, one of the top countries where Christian persecution is most severe, Rev.Maxwell and his wife started to led fellowships in different churches and regions using SOW’s Multimedia Bible study sets since 2015. They found this material is a very effective tool to spread the Gospel and study the Bible. In September 20th and 23rd, they used SOW’s Book of Ruth Bible study set to lead several fellowships, one of the brothers said,

“I am really very thankful that you came in our city and led us study through the Multimedia Bible study materials. We also learned a lot new things and watch historical things. We can’t watch these historical places with our own will. I am pleased and got spiritual growth through this kind of Bible study. This kind of study is also interesting and attractive. Through Multimedia Bible study we come to know about our forefathers and history. It challenges us that are we living in light of Holy Bible. The characters of the Bible are role model for us. I also pray for SOW ministry. God bless SOW ministry, Rev. Maxwell khokhar and sister Teresa.”

Please pray for Muslim 1000 and for the production of the Arabic version of the Bible study sets.  Let us “proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” (Luk 4:18-19) We sincerely invite you to partnership with SOW in accomplish this mission together. By donating only $15, you can sponsor one Bible study set to the missionaries and mission organizations. We believe with your prayers and financial support can help to save these long-lost souls and expand the glorified kingdom!

Testimony from SOW’s Missionary Partner in Nigeria

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