May 2018【Experiencing God’s Provision】

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Peace be with you!

The SOW production team went to Jordan, Israel, and the West Bank on April 18th to film on locations for the book of Samuel’s Bible study video. After 29 days of uninterrupted shooting, it was completed on May 15. The team has arrived in Hong Kong safely.

I want to share with you here a testimony from director William after his return:

“This time, with God’s help as well as thoroughly research and planning, the team completed most shooting despite a lot of accidents and unknown factors. In fact, the tour guides from the three places (Jordan, Israel and West Bank region) all stated that 90% of the sites we were going to visit were not visited by them. However, they tried their best to verify and prepare for the trip based on our data collection in the past half a year. Therefore, except we didn’t shoot in Hebron due to its incident of turmoil… All other scheduled scenes were completed under God’s preparation and preservation. Moreover, we experienced many unexpected surprises from God. Like in Carmel, we ran into a flock of sheared sheep and so on. They all provide additional footages that match the description of the Scripture! Furthermore, we had to climb with our legs and arms at many sites during filming. Because most of the scenes are on the so-called “tell/tel”—the hills. Do not underestimate these hills, because many roads are nowhere to be found. Praise the Lord! In the final days of the journey, although the political situation in Israel is very unstable, God has kept the production team safe!”

“The book of Samuel” Bible study video is expected to be finished in 2019, hoping to help you “truly experience” the Bible! This year, in addition to Mandarin track and Cantonese track, we will add Hakka track in the video.

Each of our Bible study videos costs about US$260,000 to produce. If God moves your heart, we encourage you to be a SOWing Warrior and make a donation of US$180 per year towards our future video production. As a result of your donations, thousands of people around the world will benefit from these videos and better understand God’s words, and some will even receive Jesus as their Savior because of these videos. Together, we are “giving seed for the sower and bread for the eater.” (Isaiah 55:10)

Warm Regards in Christ,

Rev. Susan Chen
Founder and Lifetime Volunteer
Spring of Water International Ministries


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