April 2018【Spring is Coming, Let Us Rooted in Spirituality】

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, greetings!

Rejoice! It is springtime again!  Winter rain and snow rejuvenated the earth, and we are seeing new growth everywhere. While animals were hibernating, and plants were dormant in the last three months, we were diligently translating the video script of our Bible Study guides into Hakka. God is good! Starting from this April, we will begin the dubbing process of our video production.We would like to give our sincere thanks to Dr. Wen from Hakka Missionary Theological Seminary in Taiwan, to many dedicated co-workers and volunteers for their support on this project.


Script Editor&Dubbing actor

Script Editor&Dubbing actor

Dubbing Director







Even though, we, Chinese Christian community, experienced a flourishing in the 20th century, the percentage of Christians in Hakka-speaking group remains low.  We wholeheartedly hope that everyone of us can contribute to the Bible Study videos that were produced based on Hakka language and culture. It is the first time ever SOW has produced 6 Bible Study videos at the same time, which costs around NT$1,200,000. Therefore, every little offering from you will matter a lot to us. For those who would like to contribute US$180 (NT$6000, or HK$1500) or more to this project as SOW warriors,we will thank you for your support by sending you the entire Hakka version of Bible Study set when the project is completed.

“Book of Job” Filming in the studio

Additionally, we praise the Lord for leading the production of theBooks of Wisdom! Our production on the Book of Job is heading tothe second phase.Currently, the film director and selected cast are in a studio in Florida filming the conversation between Job and his three friends. The production is estimated to complete at the end of this year.So please pray for us and pray for the production.

“Book of Job” Filming in the studio

SOW aims to produce the Book of Wisdom in ways that integrate Biblical principles into our real life. Therefore, we take an innovative approach that presents the scriptures through conversations. As a Chinese Multi-media Bible study production organization, we strive to love God with all our hearts and glorify him with our work. Paul said, “It is he whom we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone in all wisdom, so that we may present everyone mature in Christ.” (Colossians 1:28)

Every video production of our Multi-media Bible Study set costs around US$250,000. However, we give away our DVD as a part of our study set.  When you watch the video, we hope our videos not only have you experience the scenes where the Bible took place, but also help yourself grow spiritually. If the Spirit of the Lord come upon you and encourage to join our ministry through your offering and prayer, we would like to thank you in advance for your support. You may donate through our website. Every month we will give away free gifts to our SOW warriors.

Warm Regards in Christ,

Susan Chen
President, Founder & Lifetime volunteer
Spring of Water International Ministries

SOW will have the annual Taiwan mission from July 8th to July 21st this summer. 
If you’re hearing the call to go, we’d like to invite you join our mission team!

The deadline of registration is May 14, 2018. The space is limited. Please register ASAP.

How to register:
Fill Application Form (Download here) , Write Payment Checks: $50 Registration; $550 Mission ($300 one week), payable to SOWIM.

Mail the Application Form and the Check to: 1400 Quail St. #185, Newport Beach, CA 92660.
Contact us: 949-502-5688, Email:


SOW has been accredited as an ECFA member for its financial accountability.


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