December 2017

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,


In Psalms 136, the psalmist repeats the praise “His steadfast love endures forever” 26 times.  God reveals his mercy and love to us through his wonderful creation as well as through the lineage of the Jewish people.  Indeed, His steadfast love endures forever!

The release of the Multimedia Bible study set of the Book of Judges (Order now) means that Spring of Water International Ministry have now completed the series of the “Books of Promise” in the Old Testament. The Book of Judges uncovers that even during the time when human morality fell to the lowest point, the God did not give upon the Israelites and repeatedly saved them. The Book of Judges helps us to see the holy and righteous God and his love. He will be pleased to see all men are save and not wanting anyone to perish because “His steadfast love endures forever”!

Jesus Christ conquered death by dying for us on the cross. He commanded us to go and make disciples of all nations. SOW led our 8th short-term-mission team to Taiwan this year. There were more than 100 students who came to receive Christ as their personal savior. Our teachers’ training team also conducted over 20 training sessions in various cities throughout North America and Asia including 4 Bible seminaries.  Approximately over 2000 trainees, church leaders and theological students had been equipped through our trainings. Currently, there are 32 countries that are using SOW’s Bible Study set to study God’s word, for “His steadfast love endures forever”!

According to a recent report published by Open Doors (, an estimate of 7000 refugees in the Middle East are being displaced every day, 214 incidents of terrorist attack on Christian churches and 322 Christians are murdered every month. Similar events happened in the first-century Roman time when early churches and Christians were severely persecuted due to their faith.  The Roman Empire is now long gone, but Christianity thrives from generations to generations. This is all because “His steadfast love endures forever”!

Brothers and sisters, what a blessing it would be if we could reach out to the Christian churches and believers in Muslim communities and provide them with a tool to study God’s word.  Now we can show our love to the prosecuted Christians in Arabic world either by donating one set of the Bible study guide ($15) to support our Muslim 1000 Project, sending1000 sets of Bible Study guide to Muslim countries every year, or becoming a SOW warrior ($180) to support the production of Arabic Bible study sets. Your prayers and financial support show the care among the parts of Christ’s body and “His steadfast love endures forever”!

I am deeply grateful that you have been walking alongside with SOW for the past one year.  May the Lord richly bless you in every aspect of your life for the coming year, and may we continue to serve Him together reaching out to all nations of this world! “He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness.” (2 Corinthian 9:10 NRSV)

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Susan Chen
Founder and Lifetime Volunteer
Spring of Water International Ministries

Testimony from SOW’s Missionary Partner in Pakistan

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