November 2017

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, greetings!

Thanks be to God. We are blessed to have over 300 of you come to our Thanksgiving-Fund Raising Dinner with blessings and joy last Sunday. Meanwhile, to our delight, the Bible study set of the Book of Judges that we had been waiting for months finally arrived just in time. This newly-released study set is not only the result of the efforts of on-site filming and scholar interpretation, but also the collective effort of a focus group. So as to ensure that the study set is easy to read, understand and share, we invited brothers and sisters from different age groups to test the study set by previewing scripture interpretation, designing icebreaker games and going through questions. Hopefully, you will find the study set does help you to enjoy Bible learning, to spiritually grow up and to have an intimate relationship with Jesus.

We thank Rev. Dr. Hisham Kamel for encouraging every one of us to become an ambassador of Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches us that the earth is not our ultimate home and our mission is to go and preach the gospel of the Kingdom.  For God so love the world – each person of the world, including millions of Muslims. We may feel distant from Muslim group because of the culture and religion differences. In recent years, we have been witnessing the atrocity of the Islamic State and constant warfare. When this condition was revealed to the world, we see the Middle East where human civilization originate is now full of damaged homes and millions of refugees.

It is heavyhearted to see that Muslims aren’t worshiping the true God. Their spiritual and physical bondage is tied to the Islamic religion. God has special plans for all.  We thank Him for His wonderful provision.  Now the refugees are spread out over places where they have chances to learn about Christianity and interact with Christians. Moreover, in Arabic world, there are still many Christians and Christian churches that standing firm in the faith despite of fears and prosecutions. Therefore, we need to seize this opportunity to help prosecuted churches and bring the hope of the gospel to Arabs.

Thanks to God’s leading, SOW will publish the first Arabic Multimedia Bible Study Set—the Book of Esther in May 2018 and start working on Arabic version of the Book of Ruth after that. Please pray for our Arabic ministry.  We need your partnership and support to save these long-lost souls and fulfill the Great Commission.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks to our God for having us take part in the Great Commission.  We pray that the Holy Spirit fills each of us and makes us ambassadors of the Lord.  As we reach out to the Arabic speaking world, we are bringing the gospel to the largest unreached people group so that they can receive the joy and freedom only our Lord Jesus Christ can provide!

Gratefully yours in Christ,
Susan Chen
Spring of Water International Ministries
President and Founder, Lifetime volunteer

《Book of Judges》Bible Video Preview

Book of Judges Multimedia Bible Study Materials(Bible video + Study Guide)

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