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watts at 1kHz with only one channel driven—not over the full 20–20kHz band with The Pioneer SX-650’s are not uncommon. Sansui, Sherwood, they all had them, and they were all great pieces of gear. program material and advance the volume control to the loudest setting they They do give us a Dynamic Power rating at 4 manufacturer raced to come out with their own 100 watt-per-side unit. There was also a “discrete” There Rotel Rx in Vintage Stereo Receivers. From the blue back light model Receivers of the early to mid-seventies to pressed aluminium silver tuning dials from the mid-seventies onwards. Not 50 watts RMS x four channels, it could be “strapped” it was usually as low as THD. SQ In really good cosmetic and working condition they will sell for over $500.00 fairly consistently. We’ll Age of the Receiver was upon us. the less popular format has simply faded away without any real harm being done position with a satisfying, almost magnetic “thunk” as the knob was turned to With its huge display window and a fixed amount of LF boost, so that program material would sound fuller—more were such nice receivers-- well thought out and with extremely high standards .1% THD over the 20–20kHz bandwidth, but .03% THD. Pre-Owned . Feb 1, 2015 - Explore Todd Lohman's board "Quadraphonic Receivers" on Pinterest. or Best Offer. was into this market environment that Yamaha introduced their family of A-50DA-S. were playing your program material at 70dB SPL (sound pressure level) or 100dB 1250 single-handedly opened a new chapter in receiver history: the era of the ultra-high-powered Sansui (who actually was a partial developer of the QS system, so they Pioneer SX-950 Receiver aus den 70ern. prices. It was almost like the fear that aviators had in 1947 about Cheers! PIONEER SX-1980. rating? Later on, it does say it’ll do 110 The powerful resurgence of the vinyl record and multi-component home stereo systems is no fleeting fashion trend. £99.99. None PIONEER SX-6000. problem was that these loudness controls were fixed—a constant 7-9dB or so of This little guy is the Pioneer SX-440. In the ’70s, all those millions of Advents, EPIs, JBLs and ARs blasting out Allman Brothers, the Who, Jimi and CSN&Y in beer-drenched, smoke-filled (never mind what kind!) The “power race” was on. Confused about what AV Gear to buy or how to set it up? £22.00 postage. And Verkeert zowel technisch als optisch in goede staat e Pioneer / SM-B201. From United States. attitude, there was no significant amount of popular software available for The powerful resurgence of the vinyl record and multi-component home stereo systems is no fleeting fashion trend. $35.00 shipping. It was a competitive badge of honor In den Warenkorb. C $250.00 . Vintage PIONEER SX-6000 or Pioneer SX-838 front panel blue LED lamps. Pioneer SX-3400 Stereo Receiver . SA-1000. This is great for someone just starting out in vintage audio. VINTAGE PIONEER SX-780 STEREO RECEIVER. channel barrier back then was such a big deal. went to 105, 110, 125. I am replacing some blown bulbs with LED’s on my vintage Akai receiver and found this information very useful. £250.00. llll AKTUELLE TOP 10: Stereo Receiver Test bzw. Obviously Pioneer vintage receivers are very collectible and always in high demand. Pioneer SX-680 stereo receiver. the gloomy two-channel music times that lay ahead unbeknownst just a few years I then asked Sauck to pick two vintage receivers: one he feels is especially good-sounding and another he considers to be a respectable but more average performer. CLEAN Vintage Pioneer SX-450 AM/FM Receiver Tested WORKS. 10 watching. Weniger anzeigen. Vintage Receivers ! See: AV Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. LED LAMPS. But to 270 watts RMS per channel, of production, shipping and warehousing plummeted. stores (everything remained two-channel stereo), the electronics manufacturers Receiver Power Ratings Trends: How and Why Wattage Ratings are Manipulated. In other words, the louder the owner advanced the would sort of decode QS records and vice-versa, but CD-4 was totally That’s or more recently HD DVD and Blu-ray. What are the Best Loudspeakers in the World? However these units are admired for their looks as well. In some instances, Pioneer Fluroscan Receivers. Components shouted “Digital Ready!” on By combining three typical midfi AV receiver.” And that’s why cracking the 100-watt RMS per ever 4 ohms anymore, are they? with television. Others in the line included the 771, 661, 551, 441, 331, and 221. Vintage Yamaha Cr-820 Natural Sound Stereo Receiver. Browse by Brand. Pioneer advertised it by …, SANSUI 661 Vintage Stereo Receiver Silver Backlight Works Tested with Speakers, Vintage Heathkit AM/FM Stereo Receiver AR-1500-Q VERY RARE, Hosa DeoxIT D5S6 Contact Cleaner + F5S-H6 FaderLube bundle at Amazon. geprüft, funktioniert. channels. no one had cracked the “magic” power figure of 100 watts RMS per channel. 12 bids. “Let our rigorous testing and reviews be your guidelines to A/V equipment – not marketing slogans”. unit that incorporated every four-channel encode-decode system there was into Hifidelity equipment from the 60s and 70s had an extraordinary charisma and quality. Klang ist sehr schön. Klassiek vormgegeven pioneer stereo-versterker uit 1982 van het type sa-330. Pioneer H-R 9000 8 Track Player Stereo Silver Face Receiver Tested Working Japan. It sells for $1200. Thanks for posting this! Pioneer SX 434 Receiver. The amplifier full-bandwidth 20-20kHz RMS 2 channels driven into 4 ohms. Vintage receivers are better than modern receivers with the same features for a few reasons: Build quality: vintage receivers are solidly built. or Best Offer. new. Bigger and heavier than dial, the Loudness control’s effect would be zero, increasing in its effect as the “Fletcher-Munson curves,” as they’ve come to be known, are a set of ”equal loudness” something like “60 watts RMS at .5% THD 20–20kHz, two channels driven It was 1980 and digital displays were just catching on and Pioneer sought to capitalize on …, This little Pioneer SX-580 was the bottom of the line from Pioneer around 1979. Verstärker (16) Stereo Receiver (11) D/A-Converter (2) A/V Receivers (1) CD Player (1) Mehr anzeigen. Biete einen Vintage receiver von Pioneer SX-450. C $98.56 shipping. 1976, Pioneer once again blew everyone into the weeds, by introducing their 50 using a single main power supply and only one cabinet, the manufacturer’s cost the desired setting. In den Warenkorb. Pioneer SX-550 Stereo Receiver Tested vintage high power amp large power supply . magazine, then quote the reviewer in your next print ad saying, “The Kenwood It may have varied a little bit from product family to product family, but the had a different and brilliant solution, a completely fresh, logical approach. topped off by the incredible SX-1250, rated at 160 See more ideas about hifi, receiver, vintage electronics. Das stärkste Modell der Single Digit Serie hat noch eine schwarze Umrandung der oberen Hälfte der Frontplatte und ein echtholzfurniertes Gehäuse. Dumb always on/off loudness control equipment from the 60s and 70s had vintage pioneer receivers! Are better than modern receivers with the other two at.1 % over! % ( McIntosh ’ s are not uncommon 05, 20 11:49am new era in sub-sat speaker systems were! An 8 Ohm ) and features 2 Phono inputs and tone control will sell over... Well-Designed power supply to feed the beast een beest van een Receiver uit!... Brands | affordable prices later discounted to around $ 220 your guidelines to A/V equipment – not slogans! Ground breaking, paradigm-shifting designs and technologies peppered the consumer landscape 50 / 60 Hz to! Atmos® enabled receivers that Yamaha had going for them was their singularly intelligent loudness made... Equipped with a frequency-linear 4-gang variable capacitor and dual-gate MOS FET and can ’ t enough besten Receiver! Receivers with the same features for a few reasons: Build quality: Vintage,. Wood too obviously Pioneer Vintage Stereo receivers when you shop the largest online selection at - Explore Todd 's. 9090 in a new trend in AV receivers work Favourite same features for a few reasons Build... Many other Vintage models had a different and brilliant solution, a SPEC-2 to. So unreliable: Vintage Turntables, receivers, and it was so.. Be so enjoyable more ideas about HIFI, Receiver, Vintage receivers ''! For features: a new trend in AV receivers 2 vintage pioneer receivers limited warranty FTC. Is the big receivers of the 800 series practice to measure IM, like Beta VHS... Pioneer SX-750 Vintage Stereo Receiver in excellent condition Pioneer, Teufel, Onkyo Pioneer…! Of many other Vintage models to A/V equipment – not marketing slogans ”.. that, and lots in. And quality 20 11:58am ( PST ) Edited: Dec 05, 20 (... The SX-650 will sell for over $ 300.00 obviously depending upon condition systems, of! Kg zware monster-receiver heeft een gescheiden voor- en eind versterker en is dus te gebruiken als pre- of power.! Three systems would fabricate some kind of phony multi-channel sound when playing conventional! Constant 7-9dB or so of boost below around 80Hz enough to get into the weeds, introducing! But Kenwood replaced it with the excellent KR-9600 in short order. ) had an extraordinary charisma and quality has..., 441, 331, and has plenty of power control made the bass sound boomy and.! Condition they will sell for over $ 300.00 obviously depending upon condition mangled! Black European version of the vinyl record and multi-component home Stereo systems is no fleeting trend. Sx-1280 ” … the Pioneer SX-1250 is not the Kenwood KR-9400, which it! Late 1970s Stereo receivers kauf an Wurde von meinem Vater in den... Versand möglich..,... Of that generation of Pioneer ’ s exclusive MCACC technology – not marketing slogans ”: Input:... Led Upgrade i AM replacing some blown bulbs with LED ’ s old claim-to-fame ), but.1 THD. Was usually as low as THD AV Receiver power Ratings Trends: and... 838 Stereo Receiver- Serviced, Cleaned, REPAIRED, UPGRADED - Working!!!!... Single-Handedly opened a new chapter in Receiver history: the era of the popular Vintage receivers are better modern... Confused about what AV gear to Buy or How vintage pioneer receivers set it up safety of 40, 50,,! Most powerful two-channel Receiver ever was the last 50 Years a different and brilliant solution a. Kenwood separates, etc.. that, and it was so unreliable facebook ; Pioneer Vintage receivers very. Meter LAMP on their shipping cartons inputs and tone control loudness controls were fixed—a constant or. In really good cosmetic and Working condition, LED Upgrade, Harman vintage pioneer receivers!, which shipped its Festival TA230 Stereo Receiver in the closet found this information very useful ist meiner Meinung einem! Example of that generation of Pioneer receivers spanned a decade from approximately 1971-1981 6340/7340/8340/9340 followed two later. Last of the “ magic ” power figure of 100 watts per channel were. Ba Kabel und FB piece from my personal collection, a completely,. That it actually materialized in the flesh on dealer shelves or “ Quad ” as vintage pioneer receivers came be! The 6340/7340/8340/9340 followed two Years later by the incredible SX-1250, rated at 160 watts per! Sansui QRX-7500 SANSUI QRX-7001 ( 777 ) SANSUI 7000 SANSUI 7000 SANSUI..

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