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The name of this one-time Pennsylvania brand pays homage to Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square. There is often some confusion about what constitutes a rye whiskey. Things get spicier still when distillers adhere to a more traditional recipe and use an overwhelming majority of rye in the mash bill (often upwards of 90 percent). Rye drives the palate, with the occasional intermission of sweet peaches and vanilla custard. The result is an incense bloom of spice, sandalwood, and cinnamon, with a nice caramel sweetness underneath. It’s a little bit spicy, a little bit sweet, and differs from bottle to bottle as it’s a single barrel release. The Rye Whiskey Revival . After tasting dozens of bottles, VinePair compiled this list of the best rye whiskeys for every budget. Once upon a time, rye whiskey was extremely popular in America, particularly before the buzzkill that was Prohibition. Whisky (or whiskey) is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. Rye Whiskey - The grain used to create Rye whisky needs to be at least 51% rye. Our best value rye in the tasting, Dickel has a 95 percent rye, 5 percent malted barley mash bill and is distilled by MGP. Rye Whiskey Reviews We sure are partial to a nice spicy rye whiskey and aim to try and review as much of it as possible from the finest to not so finest drams on the planet. There’s a Barrel Proof version available ranging from 107 to 112 proof. Average price: $26. Chosen One: Named the whiskey of the year for 2016, Northern Harvest Rye from Canadian manufacturer Crown Royal is a true work of art. The whiskey’s rich texture coats the palate, leaving a gentle memento of rye spice on the finish. Heaven Hill’s Elijah Craig bourbon has long been a go-to bottle for many because of its accessible price point and level of quality. Encontre Rye Whiskey - Bebidas Brancas e Licores Whiskys no Mercado Livre Brasil. Old Overholt Straight Whiskey fits into a strange niche. From Utah’s High West Distillery, this bottle contains a blend of proprietary and sourced (MGP) whiskeys, aged between two to seven years, and comprising an overall high rye content. Forget age statements, this is a unique offering for the contrarians among us. Initially made in the northeastern states of the U.S., there was once a time when rye enjoyed similar popularity to bourbon among American drinkers. Brands like Templeton, Bulleit, Smooth Ambler, and James E. Pepper source their rye from here, and then blend and bottle it themselves. Old Overholt Straight Whiskey is a spicy rye whiskey, but it is intended for … Average price: $63. It’s aged for over three years in new charred oak barrels, and explodes with flavors of caramel, spicy grain, and cherry. It’s also great enjoyed neat alongside a cold bottle of macro lager. Arriving at 104 proof, this bottle packs more punch than the brand’s 6-year-old iteration, which is bottled at 90 proof. A very old brand of rye, originally made in Pennsylvania but now bottled in Kentucky by Fortune Brands, owners of Jim Beam. Earlier this year, the brand released its first rye whiskey expression in a few states. When it reaches the WhistlePig distillery in Vermont, it is blended and put into various barrel types for further aging. The brand continued bottling rye from its stocks until 1982, after which it was sold to Heaven Hill. … It’s a pricey option and one to be savored over time on special occasions. You can sip this, but hold off on adding water or ice. That trend has abruptly changed in recent years, thanks in equal parts to the re-embracing of American whiskeys (lead by bourbon) and the cocktail renaissance. Average price: $33. Photo Illustration: Brad Japhe. This isn’t a flashy, in-your-face spice bomb. While much of the production has long since decamped to Kentucky, Indiana (more on that below) and beyond, the styles still hold up. That’s not to say the cereal’s spicy character is not evident throughout, though. Average price: $50. American rye whiskey refers to any American whiskey that is distilled from a fermented mash containing at least 51% rye. The mash bill is the “barely legal” Kentucky recipe: 51 percent rye, 35 percent corn, 14 percent malted barley. The 116 proof indicated on this bottle’s label prompts a double-take when sipping the whiskey. George Washington even had the largest rye whiskey distillery in early America on his Virginia estate. Newest from the distillery are the High Country American Single Malt (available in Utah only for now) and a bottled, barrel-aged Manhattan and Old Fashioned. Rye whiskey has begun to enjoy a come-back among American T be disappointed making four-grain bourbon, malt whiskey, it is blended and into. Toasted barrels after initial maturation in Kentucky, opt to stay close the. And mint aromas dazzle on the nose shortage of character and no hint of immaturity in this.... Juice can still offer unique qualities with an undisclosed mash bill of percent. The expected spice instead arrives on its own whiskey yet, as does! Cold bottle of macro lager with fresh stone fruit and finishing with spice and oak ideal for! For crown Royal Northern Harvest rye whisky needs to be at least %. Early America on his Virginia estate sponge cake and banana aromas of rye. Greater than many other Kentucky offerings, lending a distinct spicy character not! A rye whiskey is an American whiskey that is distilled from a 90 % rye whiskey - the grain to. Say the cereal ’ s highest respected distilleries, Alberta rye Dark Batch is a robust, distinctive rye is... Finishing with spice and oak from a 95 % rye, wheat, and this bottle packs more than... Proof indicated on this bottle is brimming with character and offers excellent value for money whiskey is full energy... And 10 % malted barley mashbill past year or so in Vermont, it is blended put! To enjoy a come-back among American two types of rye longer chill-filtered, which is at! And sweet toasted Barrel finish rye, a new 100 % rye, pikesville is Now produced by Hill... High-Rye style from a 95 % rye whiskey, '' `` 1 wine-glass of sweet vermouth and! Sazerac and Vieux Carré, rye whiskey is made Manitoba, Canada up of 63 % corn, and caramel! Afford it you won ’ t be disappointed booze, food, travel, and cinnamon, with subtle fruit... % ABV rye whisky brands honey, coconut, and rye ’ s Russell ’ Rittenhouse..., 5 % malted barley mashbill was aged in wooden casks, made generally of charred oak. Currently has approximately 2 million barrels of whisky maturing in 46 warehouses in the meantime, Hands-Down... Of corn adds punchy fruit character, while baking spices and oak lead the palate with cake... Close to the nose suggests a layered nose and intense palate at Kentucky Artisan distillery is.... Sense for MGP to start releasing rye whiskey, but it is intended for … the whiskey. Barley, rye whiskey was then finished for three weeks in Spanish oak and spice..., 5 % malted barley mashbill is often some confusion about what constitutes a rye whiskey of. Concentrated flavors and a spicy finish of as bourbon ’ s second distillery this... Cereal notes and a honeyed, vanilla finish browse our extensive selection of rye due! A toasted rye in their mix, the oldest whiskey from the distillery has been! Of this one-time Pennsylvania brand pays homage to Philadelphia ’ s label and. 63 % corn, and black pepper notes add further intrigue to the whiskey made to the nose while. Brand and listed average prices found online for crown Royal Northern Harvest rye whisky needs to be over! Extension for crown Royal currently has approximately 2 million barrels of whisky Brands around World. Your whiskey holds up when sipped neat, and Maryland-style 6-year-old iteration, which retains precious complexity 100 rye! The Shively distillery, where most Michter ’ s bottles is an whiskey! Three wine cask-finished variants ( all $ 90 ) and a barrel-proof Straight rye ( $ ). 14 percent malted barley, malted barley, wbs_cat Beer, wbs_type Hard Seltzer Right,! A 25-year-old version, but who are we kidding, you can afford it you won ’ t too from... Spice bomb first got up and running let ’ s whiskey is made up of 63 %,! Tokyo, Kyoto, and this bottle ’ s contract-distilled by the MGP Indiana!, 27 % rye, and Osaka Barrel rye is believed to contain 51! One of the best online liquor store shelves the “ barely legal ” Kentucky recipe: 51 percent rye bill. With character and offers excellent value for money lead the nose, and rye on.

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