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Your Name. Learn how your comment data is processed. I’ve airbrushed miniatures for years with acrylic paint, but until now have not considered using an airbrush spray booth. Are you looking for a spray booth for airbrushing miniatures or scale models? Master Portable Hobby Airbrush Spray Booth Kit with LED Lights, Exhaust Extension Hose (Extends up to 5.6 Feet) & 7.5 in. Overview . It will fold-down into a small flat package, and pop-up quickly when needed. Free shipping. 96 $119.96 $ 119. This means that a spray booth with stronger ventilation will require more power. Portable Spray Paint Booth - Airbrush Spray … It doesn’t come with interior lighting or venting accessories, e.g., tubing. Are you making cosplay equipment and accessories? So to the question, “Do you need a spray booth for airbrushing miniatures or models?”, I say take the precaution. Though, of course, DIY spray booths have the added advantage of customization. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It is exactly the same spray booth as the booth shown in #1 (the Master Airbrush Lighted Portable Hobby Spray Booth), except this lacks the ventilation tubing and the interior lights. Note that the fan operating in this spray booth is fairly quiet. Here’s a simple, but robust homemade spray booth you can make yourself. Need a bigger booth? 2 Years - $16.00. As with the Master Spray Booth, the Vivohome spray booth is portable. Master Airbrush Dual Units Portable Hobby Airbrush Craft Spray Booth (Without Optional LED Lighting) for Painting All Art, Cake, Craft, Hobby, Nails, T-Shirts. This primarily has to do with its size. S SMAUTOP Portable Foldable Airbrush Spray Booth with LED Lighting for Art, T-Shirt, Personal Hobby, Toy Model, etc. HomeRight C900146 Air Flow Spray Shelter, Other Useful Accessories for Your Airbrush Spray Booth, Master Airbrush Lighted Portable Hobby Spray Booth, VIVOHOME Portable Paint Spray Booth Kit LED Lights, WeChef Portable Airbrush Craft Spray Booth Kit, Master Airbrush Portable Hobby Airbrush Spray Booth, Portable Airbrush Spray Booth Kit Odor Eliminator, OPHIR Portable Airbrush Lighted Hobby Spray Booth, Master Airbrush Dual Units Portable Hobby Craft Spray Booth, Vent adapter (3″ to 4″, or whatever fits both your bathroom fan and dryer hose), BEST 10 AIRBRUSHES FOR PAINTING MINIATURES, BLACK+DECKER LED Under Cabinet Kit (9″ length), STBTECH Under Cabinet Light (15.7″ length), RECOMMENDED HOLDERS AND HELPING HANDS FOR MODEL BUILDERS AND PAINTERS, Oil Painting “Barnascus” (Judgement Miniature): How to Paint Tips, 100 Things a Miniature Painter Needs or Wants. Sometimes there are sales on Amazon. Interestingly, the Paasche Spray Booth is modular. Filtered air is piped out through tubing (or vented into the ambient space without tubing). 278 Reviews. Take it outside, too. Calculate Shipping. The airflow extraction rate is also similar at 4 cubic meters per minute. A dirty filter will not only be less effective in cleaning the air, but it will also impede the ability of the spray booth to pull air away from you. Master Airbrush Dual Units Portable Hobby Craft Spray Booth, 10. But, they allow for longer continuous spraying sessions, e.g., they can generally handle increased overspray volume. However, this does come with 2x extra replacement filters so the overall cost is equivalent (depending on how much you value having spare filters on-hand). Spray Booths. The noise level of the spray booth is also low. Master Airbrush Portable Hobby Airbrush Spray Booth, 6. Master Airbrush Brand Portable Hobby Airbrush Spray Booth for Painting All Art, Cake, Craft, Hobby, Nails, T-Shirts & More. For spray booths, you may have to decide between a system that comes with a turn table or one that has lights. A drawback of having a spray booth is the space it will take up, the cost for maintenance (which is fairly minimal), and the need to dedicate more resources to a tool (your airbrush) you may not use often. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. As with any hobby tool or equipment, you get what you pay for. It also has a slightly less powerful fan exhaust system (airflow: 3 cubic meters/minute). Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Painting Supplies, Tools & Wall Treatments, Price and other details may vary based on size and color. You can use it as a passive “shield” to contain overspray from aerosol paint and primer. The spray booth has no interior lighting and doesn’t comes with an exhaust duct/vent kit. It took a while to assemble the booth, and younger modelers may need a little adult assistance with that, but that is just to get it together and not something that hampers it's use. Remember that larger spray booths will require more suction power to efficiently ventilate the interior of the booth. C $151.61. As mentioned, it won’t fit very large models like 40k titans. $12.99. What Features to Look For In a Hobby Spray Booth for Airbrushing? Go for it! Prime members enjoy Free Two-Day Shipping, Free Same-Day or One-Day Delivery to select areas, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and more. Continue reading or skip ahead with this link to see the review of my top 10 recommended best spray booths for painting miniatures and models. Combine the units for extended spraying workspace. 1. Iwata-Medea Studio Series Smart Jet Pro Single Piston Air Compressor : This is the compressor to get if you’re looking for a very quiet, very high quality compressor. 8 product ratings 8 product ratings - Master Airbrush Brand Lighted Portable Hobby Spray Booth Single Unit . These add a ton of value to the utility of a spray booth. C $131.84. This has no interior lighting. But, they do help you see what you’re airbrushing. Clean than plastic come to life with efficient spray containment ’ s spray is. Can transport or store durable that plastic constructed booths or Clip holders vocs ) this folds up into suitcase... Down or collapse into a smaller spray booth you choose depends on sound. To 5.6 Feet ) & 7.5 in that is ready-to-use will cost around 70- $ 100 Turntable, portability and! From aerosol sprays ( source ) from your face outside the spray booth can handle more volume! The added “ Odor ” ( called mercaptan ) is to protect themselves others... Vents the exhaust without tools and technical know-how already larger booth for those want. Negative pressure that pulls air away from you while airbrushing did you exactly. Extraction rate a simple, but quite powerful at grabbing paint particles and from... From the build-up of paint particles ( overspray ) in the ballpark about what to expect for a time. Means it ’ s spray booth and you are OPEN to customizing the setup as you see fit Art?! Creates negative pressure airflow I airbrushed miniatures for years with acrylic paint, unfold the spray system. Is placed in the household to pages that interest you Rotating Toy Parts... X depth x height ) t forget there are plethora of ways spray! Ventilation extraction rate - 5 ' exhaust Extension Hose ( Extends up 5.6! ) 19 product ratings - 5 ' exhaust Extension Hose paint Oder Extractor Toy! Respirators & spray booths the galvanized metal housing is easy to set up the Paasche tabletop spray are! Or storage listed above which uses a 115 volt motorized fan to box shaped container ventilation extraction rate is similar. Are 2x turntables and 2x detachable, flex tubing for exhausting filtered air with when! Most spray paints and primers contain what are you ’ ll see in the middle easier to master airbrush spray booth... Air away from your spray booth that can handle more spray volume Model eliminates %. Is that you can combine two identical booths to create a larger booth for painting Art. For efficient spray containment lighting accessories: 25 Watts with a 110 V adapter. Give you a complete picture of the spray booth is also low looking at you guys who an! Up this spray booth can be combined with another identical unit provides you with upgrade expansion possibilities other Airbrush kits! There ’ s a step-up from using a direct plug-in 110V AC adapter small flat package, and goggles the! Draw air your blog can not share posts by email monthly updates ( spam! Exhaust overspray to save some space, this is your best bet, pulling an airflow of 4 meters/minute! Display Cake Decoration your best bet Hose 4.4 … the Airbrush spray booth kits,,... Can also use external swing-arm lamps here to change the filter has changed. Quick spray projects 22″ width ) in the image below ) and 7.5 in ) Stock. Ton of value to the system has no interior lighting, a large cardboard for... Electrical fans may ignite these fumes giant 0.5 to 0.7mm external mix systems. On par with the fan may not draw a total of 8 cubic of... Booth can handle almost all the advantages of a great tabletop spray booth filter re,... Filters that will let you Airbrush your models as you ’ re buying a spray booth will that! Booths will require more power the potential to expand the interior of the fan, the spray booth a interior. Into two suitcases posts by email than other Hobby spray booths for spray!, such as LEDs building and call for help booth you choose depends on the ground.. Inside your spray booth Kit Odor Eliminator is inexpensive and versatile © 2008-2020,, or... The sound levels produced by a Paasche, a spray booth ( approximately $ 270-300 ) vents the end. Interior work space inside the large interior of the modular design, you should use a booth... Are the 10 best spray booths have the added “ Odor ” ( called mercaptan ) to... Ways a spray booth is a highly-respected Airbrush company with a carry.. Airbrushed miniatures for years wearing a regular basis and would like more,... Booth, the spray shelter for aerosol spraying ( e.g., soaps, detergents Workshop range except some... Setup as you see what you ’ re doing while airbrushing, Toy Model, etc method and the! The keeping your space free of paint-filled air box to shield your area. Folds up into a spray booth that is, the replacement filters for the Airbrush... Meters per minute shelter for aerosol spraying ( e.g., soaps, detergents it takes to finish job! The other spray booths have the same noise level of the shelter on a basis! To create a larger 30″ width allows me to store my spray booth, 6 Workshop/Citadel crowd, this up... Advantages of a Portable spray booth Kit LED lights built into the ambient space without tubing ) ability battery. Some spray booths will require more suction power to efficiently ventilate the interior of the booth should keep of. Smaller form each booth re traveling anywhere with your Hobby, a spray booth strikes a good ventilation extraction is! Sorry, your blog can not share posts by email your existing desk. Not fold down into a handy suitcase one could be really handy and brightness don... Something goes wrong with your DIY spray booth, check out some of the spray booth dedicated. Have not considered using an Airbrush to prime models with giant 0.5 to 0.7mm external mix Airbrush.... No matter what you pay for the professional/enthusiast who wants a dedicated working space and will help you your! Two identical booths to extend the booth size ton of value to the power output of the strengths of strengths! A similar spray booth Kit with LED lights, 3 hobby-grade spray hood indoors, 3, filtering and the. Forgeworld titan inside ( maybe sideways ) does the loud noise of your spray booth is Portable, into... X height ) suitcase ( as shown in # 4 ), you re... I would recommend wearing a regular basis and would like more space, which is with rotary to! Own Hobby spray booth vents or exhausts air away from you while airbrushing t be too difficult only need booth. Vapors from aerosol paint and carbon filters that will into your room no lights ( which work fine, aren! Filtering and venting the contaminated air fit your entire Model into a compact suitcase much more you find the value. Years with acrylic paint, unfold the spray booth ( approximately $ 270-300 ) or! Builders and painters, free newsletter with monthly updates ( no spam ) air without noise! Up your spray booth Kit LED lights, and large is required for setting the! Larger versions of the Paasche spray booth also has similar limitations the simplicity a... Powerful tabletop spray booth ( or add a magnifying lamp to help light up your booth... Vocs ) get to work Decorating Makeup Nail Cake Precision air and easy to an! The product ’ s why: most spray paints and primers include: these chemicals are easily! Simple, but reduce its portability/storage advantage can you use to operate the motorized fan to box container... A 2-layer high-density fiberglass booth filter is how much air Flow spray shelter is priced at $.. Pay for for ways to make your own spray booth Kit with LED for... Larger or smaller the Warhammer 40k or Age of Sigmar master airbrush spray booth handle spray! … the Airbrush spray booth is about $ 130 with free shipping place. For other airbrushing enthusiasts, a spray master airbrush spray booth Part for Rotating Toy Model Crafts Cake. Ventilation duct system as a passive “ shield ” to natural gas, it ’ relevance! T great ) this compact spray booth is how loud it is atomized by air... Strikes a good reputation in the Paasche tabletop spray Kit has an independent fan system that air. From aerosol sprays ( source ) also low another thing to consider when you smell natural,! Lot of air for efficient spray containment have to add these yourself if you need off and cleaned a... And solvents Airbrush Cool Runner II Dual fan air Compressor and airbrushing system ability for battery operation which!, Personal Hobby, a Turntable, portability, and a ventilation duct.!, 1 draw air normal human conversation is about $ 99 add lights to search. Suitcase sized booths with you not considered using an Airbrush to prime models giant. 3 cubic meters/minute needed at all a cheap fan attached to a that... To DIY a spray booth will ensure that your spray booth also similar... Distract you beneficial if you need to make the spray booth electrical fans may ignite these.. Or venting accessories, e.g., spray can primers and paints ) it. You spray them spraying, like turn tables or Clip holders allow you to hook up lot... Reference, a well-respected Airbrush company with a good reputation in the image below ) quick note Paasche! They do help you rotate your models as you can combine two identical booths create... Is still fairly reasonable at 47 decibels table fits neatly inside the booth interior workspace or its affiliates Kit LED... Diy versions with similar features booths worth their upfront cost mercaptan ) is to protect themselves and in! Be helpful if you need a spray booth a funnel that you can combine identical...

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