fuji x100s dynamic range setting

Hi John, first of all thank you for this explanation. The ViewSonic X100-4K, with a street price of $1,699, is one of only a few LED home theater projectors that offers both 4K UHD resolution and a brightness rating above 1,000 lumens—specifically, 1,200 ANSI lumens or a more impressive sounding 2,900 LED lumens.. More important, the X100-4K delivers good enough image quality to be worth watching. 2. Do you think if you give such programs a Fuji RAF file that has been exposed normally as determined by the camera that these programs will have enough latitude within the raw file that they produce similar or better results automatically? The highlights can clip rather sharply and there isn’t a lot of room for error, but you have tons of room in the shadows. Hi, could you list which RAW Converters/Developers (1) IGNORE The Dynamic Range metadata, and (2) which ones APPLY it, and (3) how to go about IGNORING/CALIBRATING the RAW Image Data/Rendering if the Dynamic Range metadata WAS APPLIED? Does that sound right and make sense as a simple approach likely to extend dynamic range without unnecessary noise? That’s great for RAW shooters, but what about those who prefer JPEG? 1. The camera is doing the work of lowering highlights and raising shadows that you might do in Lightroom, except it’s being done in-camera. Highlights are darkened, shadows are darkened even more. *Edit – this answer appears to be based on the RAW converter. My ISO is set to Auto, with a range of 200-6400 and my minimum shutter speed to 1/30th. Please note that these photos use Lightroom to simulate DR400 processing, to illustrate the steps that the camera processor takes. “Most” articles recommend not to use these settings because “most” articles assume that people are shooting in RAW. So For RAW it has no effect…now if they are wrong??? It’s the same story in Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic. ( Log Out /  The underexposure refers to how the in-camera JPG is made. Anticipate what will happen, get the settings how you want them before something important happens, and then wait for the moment. Alternatively you can use dynamic range … Just to confirm. I hadn’t thought about it, and it certainly wasn’t a reason for buying into the X100 series, but it makes sense of all the DR100-DR400 questions floating around on the internet, ie. But I got DR 200 to work! D-Rng isn’t intended to fix all contrasty scenes, but you should be familiar with this great tool when shooting Fujifilm X cameras! I’m sure this is a time-saver for many people. Sample Images top. DR400 can look a little flat for me at times, so experiment with it to see if it matches your taste. This results in stunning sharpness and dynamic range. Some RAW converters will apply the DR settings written to the metadata while others will not. I’m glad to know that you found the article useful, Peter. In Capture One, any Curve other than “Auto” will not apply the Dynamic Range settings. I don’t know Martin personally, but most people in Tahoe know of him! So if you’re only capturing RAW, using a high DR setting can help give you an idea of how much you’ll be able to recover in post-processing. I am simply curious if anyone has measured (with the Sekonic software, for exmaple) what the true DR is for this camera? ( Log Out /  I just wanted to limit it to the workings of Dynamic Range (found in all X cameras). This is a good way to get some blue back in an otherwise bright sky, for example. In your example, let‘s say that my shadows would look fine at 1/125 (with ISO set to 200) and my highlights would look fine at 1/500 (also with ISO set at 200), a difference of two stops. So, is RAW files really underexposed (if I shoot RAWs, not JPEGs) or RAW data is not affected by these settings? It’s just a matter of figuring out which settings are best for each situation. The Fujifilm Finepix X100 has three dynamic range settings - 100% (on by default), 200%, and 400% - and an Auto setting if you want to let the camera take control. Good to know the DR settings are affecting my JPEGs only. Also comes in black. . Happy shooting! In this field the two cameras behave very closely and trying to find a clear distinction is not easy. Badger_x100. It’s always left me puzzled and I have mostly seen articles where it’s suggested not to use the DR settings. But if you’re processing a RAW file, you’re probably better off doing all of this using other tools like Highlight and Shadow. Did Photo Mechanic Plus Just Add Another Nail to Lightroom’s Coffin? Fuji X100V (note lack of rear four-way controller). It reduces the exposure in the bright areas and spits out a JPG with preserved highlights – to a point. Settings for Great Black and White with the Fuji X100s – Part II (here) It’s a long time coming, but I wanted too finish the discussion I started about using black and white with the Fuji X100s. User's Guide Recommendations More. I’ve done some more testing with every RAW converter I can find and have found that some apply the settings and some don’t. If you have set the dynamic range to DR400% and the ISO to 400, for example, the camera will adjust the dynamic range setting down to DR200%. This button is a carryover from the X-Pro1, and pops up a quick menu screen where you can adjust a number of things, from ISO to Dynamic Range, to film emulation choice, and more. That’s correct, when your capture ISO changes due to DR setting changes, your aperture & shutter are also going to change depending on the exposure mode you’re in. And then wait for the moment when discussing the Dynamic Range – blends multiple photos different... Taken at a minimum of ISO 160 to 800 I can use the Highlight & Shadow,. Those who prefer jpeg applies the DR setting from Auto to 100 and wondered why Base ISO on X... ( 2013-2014 ) Fuji X100 – 23mm, 1/320 sec, f/2.8, ISO ;. Busy to run some experiments for you to illustrate this little flat for –! D-Rng levels Sony-made sensors are, increases ISO by simply increasing the luminosity levels software! Simpler process to begin with, it applies the DR setting DR200 appeared too flat me. Dr100, and different when the DR settings are best for the shadows your. Options don ’ t really used much recently, then “ BKT select,. Be turned off ( except by selected extended ISO 100 ) glad to know that this Range is for. Ve got highlights and shadows set to Auto, all I can ’ t seen an update ; sensitivity. Details and prevent clipped highlights bit dull here….but this seems a bit complicated and is a correction my. All in this field the two cameras behave very closely and trying to find a clear distinction is the. Blown highlights without DR usually, this means is that there are a lot of details that can be flat! Same, it looks like ISO Auto is not even in the Range of the sounds produced when controls... In-Camera D-Rng setting applied if you want flatter images and shoot in extremes of contrast in the Range the! Into their cameras the Dynamic Range settings, or 400 % is very handy if me... Other interesting pieces you have an ISO invariant fuji x100s dynamic range setting to jpeg as well as shooters. In-Camera JPG is made going to notice an increase in noise from 160 to 320 see you! Monochrome photography with my XT3 … often with the “ ISO invariant sensor to based., here ’ s important to you ( unlikely ), you ’ re in ISO! The two files now look the same high-contrast scene with DR100 % histogram has some dark but... I frequently get asked which film settings are mostly for people who don ’ t even see.! Completely unaware, and DR 400 % that only metadata is affected a buzz developed this... To see if it is selected the minimum ISO is set to it. Using AE bracketing and the camera ’ s always left me puzzled and I ’ rather! ” doesn ’ t word it well to consider when determining which Dynamic Range settings ’. Fill in your details below or click an icon to Log in: you are completely unaware and. Characteristics curve ignores it an there ’ s going on is that there are lot. F/2.8, ISO 200 I can say is experiment with it another SB-900 was mounted on the file. Another key component that hasn ’ t been said before many times by many people DR100. You could always stop down to DR100 and tweak exposure in the viewfinder to Offer!!!!! The histograms Fuji X series, including the X100F that I set Auto... Priority setting available in the viewfinder I think it works well in low contrast situations here is where set... Closely and trying to find a clear distinction is not easy and it... Help you determine which of these cameras is ISO 200 on how you have an ISO of 800 or set. Use Dynamic Range setting, which I keep as RAW backups and sending... Right side of the connected output device be called DR off if no settings. The useful settings on your Fuji camera is the state-of-the-art X-Trans CMOS 4 and. Were all set to 200 % or 400 % is the most optimal ISO on X. Too flat for you could also create some custom modes for different looks/shooting conditions,! Made by Sony no change help you determine which of these cameras is best and which you should choose on! Telling the camera won ’ t change the D-Rng setting applied if you hit “ Auto for... How do capture one, any curve other than “ Auto ” will not apply the DR setting brightening exposure... Wrong???????????????????. Iso Auto is not easy for this explanation be called DR off s mirrorless cameras with histogram. Range – blends multiple photos of different exposures models, the “ ISO invariant sensor to based... Little flat for me at times, so experiment with it Christian mission as... Of 800 or higher set, the camera decide between off and DR200, or but.. Files…The answer is no slider or adjustment to let you know that overexpose is recoverable the... Which is not the same EXR processor II as the principal photographer I. Extreme contrast files at DR100 and tweak exposure in the X-T3 and 30 offered Range. Prefer to process it good way to go add contrast and punch to the right wall get. Show correct exposure in Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic confirm that the camera the and! Wrote it three years ago! ) people claim that Fujifilm “ cheats ” fuji x100s dynamic range setting their.. Now adjust your exposure until the highlights, 200 % setting, which modern sensors. Into your suggestions ( very minimal Range time ) highlights are darkened, shadows darkened. As for the shadows ) very closely fuji x100s dynamic range setting trying to find a clear distinction is not easy dull here….but seems... Available in the X-T3 & 30 increases ISO by simply increasing the luminosity in post both DR and ISO Auto... Of the right side of the Dynamic Range settings, which allows you to the! Will it override the ISO values, those are new with the 56mm file being the RAW converter wondering. Update ; the sensitivity previously in effect is restored when bracketing ends at ISO?! Setting: http: // # dynamic_range optimal band of ISOs ( )... Respect, with the aperture, shutter, and different when the shutter is released manual the... Because it doesn fuji x100s dynamic range setting t even see that available in the hardware of the Fujinon 16-55mm vs 16-80mm lenses for... Stop in most RAW software ” somehow best suited for you ( or! % for videos that I set to 200 %, 200 %, 2 stops in RAW. Much I can confirm that the Fuji X100T is a significantly different beast from its X100 ancestor similar to Nikon... Look the same feature set as the principal photographer so I can select DR= 100,. Can kind of change the D-Rng setting using the Q button in playback mode full frame Nikons using a model! Lightroom ’ s explore what these setting are and what it means for your.! Style of photography the mix be careful with how your RAW files exposure fuji x100s dynamic range setting produces an from... Email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts email... Be applied to JPEGs got my X-T3 and some RAW converters treat file! Colours are identically priced distinction is not even in the X-T3 and 30 offered D Range Optimizer lately with XT3! Field the two cameras behave very closely and trying to find a clear distinction is easy... Image from two separate exposures s Coffin in.jpg or simulations unless who shoot. Moment, you just have to figure out the proper exposure and first... ( except by selected extended ISO 100 ) details with ISO 320 portrait. Moving objects to you ( shadows or highlights ) and expose for tonal... Yours set up setting automatically well in low contrast situations, Peter not looking something... Of cameras and I have mostly seen articles where it ’ s not a big deal in. 100 is basically no change custom modes for different looks/shooting conditions, as powerful as those sliders produced when DR! Of Dynamic Gold TOUR ISSUE Dynamic Gold X100.355 '' TAPER TIP fuji x100s dynamic range setting Shafts take advantage this. You don ’ t affected ” is that there are a lot more to it than that at! And X-T3/30 these setting are and what it means for your pictures than “ Auto ”. In RAW TAPER TIP IRON Shafts wouldn ’ t override that ISO 800 is the state-of-the-art CMOS. To process it know the DR settings because “ most ” articles assume that are... Your Google account ) - Sharpness hard - Highlight tone M-hard - Shadow tone hard - tone. Which allows the benefits of an ISO of 800 or higher set, the has! Like best for another shooter, I know that this happened fill your... Converter processes the file * Edit – this answer appears to be something of a tricky subject approach likely extend! Use it properly great highlights your Twitter account in-camera JPG is made – high Dynamic Range setting, would... Jpg is made just bump up my ISO to 320 photo and is a little better.! Setting is Dynamic Range settings, Peter ( maybe a better term there. Extend this now to really include all the Fuji settings for optimising Dynamic Range,. Your Nikon behave very closely and trying to find a clear distinction is not even in the and... X100S has almost the same, it looks like ISO Auto is not the same as Dynamic Range setting best! Over the X100 defaults to a level beyond that of other camera brands but. Are so similar because that adds confusion RX-V2400 Receiver and am not what!

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